Arnowitz Culture Agency: Performance Improvements through Culture Engagement

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David Arnowitz, Co - Founder & Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Arnowitz Culture AgencyDavid Arnowitz, Co - Founder & Chief Technology & Strategy Officer
Time-starved knowledge workers are the hallmark of the Digital Age—everyone is expected to do more in less time. Companies concentrate investments in designing and profiting from customer journeys. However, they invest comparatively little time in the design and alignment of their employee journeys. Integrating strategies to enhance the commitment of employees toward their work is usually done without much foresight. The lack of investment and alignment (between customer and employee journeys) negatively impacts employee efficiency, productivity, and happiness. Arnowitz Culture Agency, with their solutions and services portfolio, assists clients in achieving work culture improvements by delivering holistic employee engagement that drives individual, team and organizational performance.

Arnowitz Culture Agency focuses on creating a better ‘work culture’ for its clients’ workforce, by improving performance at all levels of their organizational hierarchy. David Arnowitz, co-founder and chief technology & strategy officer at Arnowitz Culture Agency, says, “A single truth has emerged from the use of these concepts in our successful culture programs: culture change takes place and endures by changing and sustaining people’s habits.” The journey to practice habits that promote agile, culturally intelligent behavior enables greater workforce agility, faster decision making, and better collaboration across cultural divides. They are habits that sustain and improve individual, team and company performance.

The company offers an extensive tool kit including communication, training, and culture programs to address specific pain points in the employee engagement space. The key component of their solution set is the Culture Community Program that replaces or connects the commonly disparate group of client employee engagement operations found at most companies.
The Culture Community Program drives performance by building an agile, culturally intelligent workforce habits through “a hybrid SaaS software and professional service bundle,” according to Arnowitz. The Program is built on calls to action and curation of employee developed content that models, rewards and encourages more of the desired performance enhancing behavior. The result is a self-sustaining culture community of engaged employees and executives that move toward company objectives with shared values, pride, and collaboration.

The community building process begins by first identifying gaps in a client’s current state of employee performance and the desired performance goals. Employee engagement programs are designed to build habits to bridge these gaps. This solution and service framework tracks the outcomes of the engagement programs and provides a real-time ROI of culture/employee engagement performance. “Our programs unleash team creativity and grow engagement into employee habits that then generate better business results, “according to Arnowitz.

Arnowitz Culture Agency’s Solutions include SaaS-based Global Communities, strategic, content and technical support services, analytics and metrics programs, internal campaign marketing, award-winning media production, and learning programs. The paradigms reflected in learning programs include curriculums on enterprise culture, leadership development, community, and group collaboration. The company’s solutions portfolio caters to any industry impacted by digital transformation issues—for example, industry verticals such as hospitality, food and beverage, biotechnology and internet services. The company’s communities, media, and learning programs have earned over 200 national and international industry awards.

For the future, Arnowitz is continuing to evolve with investments in big data, AI and adaptive learning systems to meet the evolving needs of those time-starved knowledge workers. An adaptive learning solution with embedded AI technology will be part of their culture community offerings (mid-2019). The program enables customized learning based on learner capabilities and experiences. “Today and in the future, our job is to deliver an employee engagement experience that supports a culture of continuous learning and performance in the Digital Age,” concludes Arnowitz.