Career Systems International (CSI): Employee Engagement and Retention Expert

Dr. Beverly Kaye, Founder, Career Systems InternationalDr. Beverly Kaye, Founder
Today’s senior managers often face a very intriguing question of “what matters the most,” as a part of retention and engagement of key employee talents. As a bestselling author on career development and workplace performance, Dr. Beverly Kaye conducted a primary research to answer this question which led to the conception of Career Systems International (CSI)—a talent management solutions provider. “What seems to matter most is the quality of the relationship between manager and employee, which is greatly determined through the quality of the conversations they have about career and job-related issues,” expresses Dr. Kaye.

Along with Patrick Smith, CEO of CSI, Kaye intends to help organizations solve their greatest talent challenges through CSI’s powerful suite of talent solutions, ranging from career development, employee engagement and retention, coaching, microLearning, and consulting solutions. “Core to all of our areas of practice is a simple yet powerful learning element—conversations,” adds Kaye. “Our firm specializes in helping managers and employees have highly-engaging conversations and then use technology—CSI’s apps or portal—to keep the conversation ongoing and identify specific action steps.”

The firm’s flexible suite of career development and employee engagement and retention solutions specifically helps organizations build and sustain a talent-focused culture. It is more like a process for employees to manage their own career choices and love their work, while getting the best out of them to meet the requirements of the company.

Kaye’s best-selling book Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em forms the basis for CSI’s highly successful practice on employee retention and engagement offering which builds competence and confidence in managers.
It also develops critical skills to unleash the full potential and capabilities of their direct reports. In order to deepen and accelerate Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em workshop learnings, the firm offers an online and subscription based work portal to support managers in their efforts to engage employees on an ongoing basis. In addition, CSI also offers a unique half-day learning experience—SatisfACTION Power—to help employees find more satisfaction in their current job.

Furthermore, CSI also offers a definitive guide—Hello Stay Interviews—a microLearning experience based on concepts from the book “Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss” by Kaye, to help managers focus on how to make the most of stay interviews with their employees.
Patrick Smith, CEO, Career Systems InternationalPatrick Smith, CEO
“Our work is governed by three guiding principles: our solutions are deceptively simple, delightfully engaging, and deliberately flexible,” asserts Smith.

Morrison Healthcare and Morrison Community Living—a provider of food, nutrition, and dining services for healthcare and senior living markets, noticed that their annual associate engagement surveys highlighted areas for improvement in engagement and retention of employees. Through its exclusive agreement with CSI, Morrison developed programs to continually stay in tune with team member attitudes and satisfaction levels. “Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em is a fully integrated part of our ‘Unleash Talent’ cultural belief; with CSI, we now maintain a one-to-one connection with people that results in a healthy, productive team environment,” says Tim Pierce, CEO, Morrison Healthcare.

Forging ahead, the firm continues to stay true to its philosophy of transforming organizational cultures where employees are energized and managers are supportive; where mentoring becomes a natural, everyday occurrence; where growth and learning are ongoing. To take their success one step ahead, the firm emphasizes on efficiency while building and maintaining a talent-focused culture for brand reputation and organizational excellence.