CultureIQ: Building a Strong Company Culture

CIO VendorGreg Besner, Founder & CEO
"If you get the culture right, most of the other aspects like delivering great customer service or building a long-term enduring brand will just happen naturally on its own,” says a renowned entrepreneur Tony Hsiah, the CEO of Zappos. From recruiting and retention to engagement and success, the culture drives everything in an organization. At this juncture organizations are on a constant look out for viable partners that can help them imbibe robust company culture. Supported by a group of prominent entrepreneurs such as Tony Hsiah, who have witnessed the valuable impact of prioritizing culture at their own ventures, CultureIQ, a New York-based company enables organizations understand, manage, and strengthen their culture. The company empowers enterprises enhance their organizational culture by delivering culture management software, which helps them develop a healthy relationship between employers and employees in an organization. “We founded CultureIQ because we believe in the power of a strong culture,” says Greg Besner, Founder and CEO, Culture IQ.

CultureIQ allows organizations to effectively collect ongoing feedback, a key to strengthen company culture, and also helps to measure qualities common to high-performance companies, and track culture metrics throughout the financial-year. CultureIQ’s research driven, customizable survey solution Core CultureIQ Survey efficiently gathers ongoing employee feedback. “We believe culture is measurable, and can be managed, and objectively strengthened,” says Besner. “Culture is as fundamental as brand; a strong culture is absolutely necessary for long-term success.” Besides, the company tracks important culture metrics and surface actionable insights about the customers’ organizational culture, analyzing employee responses and comments. Subsequently, CultureIQ implements culture initiatives to strengthen culture by efficiently communicating results to the organization and its employees.Having extensive experience in company culture space, Besner says, “Our Core CultureIQ Survey has the capability to measure the client’s organization against ten qualities that are common to high performance cultures.”CultureIQ also offers Pulse surveys single questions services that can easily be answered via email for quick, ongoing feedback.

We believe culture is measurable, and can be managed, and objectively strengthened

The company’s Custom surveys help clients to collect anonymous feedback within organization.

CultureIQ delivers real-time results and analytics to assist organizations gain immediate insight into employees’ sentiment. The results can easily be filtered and compared to different demographics and groups. CultureIQ further provides a benchmarked CultureIQ Score to enable the organizations see how they are performing compared to other firms. Additionally, CultureIQ effectively communicates results with employees. “We firmly believe that the first step in strengthening organizations’ culture is communicating the results of employee feedback,” says Besner. The company offers a library of culture programs to allow organizations to wisely choose culture initiatives based on their employee feedback. In order to continuously refine and optimize these culture initiatives, CultureIQ collects feedback on internal culture programs.

CultureIQ emphasizes on building a high performance culture by enabling organizations in recruitment and retention processes. It allows organizations to differentiate themselves to prospective employees, while inspiring their current workforce. “CultureIQ sets a stage for organizations to showcase their commitment to employees’ happiness by encouraging them to invest in company culture and enhancing employee engagement,” says Besner. He further suggests organizations to prioritize company culture to drive success and achieve competitive edge on the financial front.

In the days to come, CultureIQ promises to enable any organization to understand, manage, and strengthen their culture. “We believe culture is about people, and companies that listen and understand their people will always outperform those that don't,” concludes Benser on an optimistic note.