Fuel50: Spearheading Innovative Employee Engagement

 Jo Mills, President of Client and Product Strategy, Fuel50 Jo Mills, President of Client and Product Strategy
Reputedly, Brian was a star ‘quant jock’ at his workplace since the time he joined. He was well paid and also climbed up the ladder quickly. However, little did his employer know that he was considering quitting despite the perks.

The reason behind such episodes poses as one of the biggest HR conundrums today. Delving into the crux of top talent retention, Anne Fulton and Jo Mills came together to create an engaging and motivating career experience for people across the globe.

Enter Fuel50. The partnership of Fulton and Mills led to development of a career engagement platform that delivers a visible career pathway to motivate and retain aspiring employees. “We are focused on providing internal career development and connections that organizations are struggling to manage,” begins Anne, Founder and CEO, Fuel50. The company’s CareerDrive—a talent enablement portal—allows organizations to provide visible career pathways and visibility to talent and skills across the organization to improve engagement, talent retention, and increase revenue per employee. “We work with clients to help their employees understand their pathway in the organization—core values, talents, aspirations, and motivators—then map them through organizational opportunities. We help enterprises tap into the potential of their workforce,” explains Anne.

Let’s face it, talent retention is no easy feat and lack of effective career conversations is unlocking Pandora’s box of employees’ expectations about their jobs. As soon as the excitement of a new job wears off, most employees are left feeling disengaged. Fuel50 is changing this by ushering an element of gamification in employee engagement. The firm’s FuelFactors are gamified career pathing exercises that enable employees to identify their talent, values, and pathway preferences. These gamified exercises are then matched with organizational pathway, providing communication touchpoints within the organization. “We can match pathways to unique talents, experiences, values, and aspirations, based on the insights and simultaneously assist employees in their career decisions,” illustrates Anne.
Anne Fulton, Founder & CEO, Fuel50Anne Fulton, Founder & CEO
Since its inception, Fuel50 has been challenging the orthodoxies in the HR landscape by leveraging crowd sourced data and user driven information to provide up-to-date and agile career framework. The firm’s solution comprehensively caters to the needs of employees, employers, and HR practitioners. Its career pathing software provisions insight exercises to challenge employee thinking and drive their career development. Employers can leverage the firm’s leader coaching portal resources for striking better career conversations to drive engagement and achieve higher performance.

In addition, Fuel50 empowers clients to create a career-stretch marketplace fostering internal knowledge-sharing, where employees become self sufficient to take career decisions with in-the-moment learning. Recently, Fuel50 worked closely with UK based DS Smith, a provider of sustainable packaging solutions, on the client’s new initiative—Engaging Managers— to develop skills and increase employee engagement. With Fuel50 CareerDrive, their engagement rating improved dramatically not just for managers, but also for other staff. Fuel50 is currently working on creating an employee driven continuous feedback tool that allows employees to get feedback from peers and continuously grow their competencies and career within their business.

The strength of Fuel50 emanates from its next generation talent management technologies that offer career visibility to employees. “We assist employees to ‘see’ their career growth path. Consequently, when people can visualize their future role, they are more likely to be committed to their work and their future with that business,” connotes Anne. Besides carving out new products and services, Fuel50 is providing best practices research to stay ahead of the curve and looks to expand its global footprint in the days to come.