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Jim Barnett, CEO and Co-founder, GlintJim Barnett, CEO and Co-founder
The health of an organization can be difficult to assess and improve. But what if the leaders had deep visibility into the employee experience, the insight to focus on what’s most important, and the guidance to take effective action?

Enter Glint.

By providing managers, leaders, and HR teams, on-demand access to employee feedback, Glint ensures they have an understanding of key opportunities. This visibility, combined with Glint’s prescriptive recommendations, means managers can quickly take the most impactful actions to increase engagement, build stronger teams, and improve business performance across a global, diverse workforce.

“Glint really goes back to the beginning of my career, when I worked with a lot of companies whose leaders that just didn’t really seem happy at all, though the company was perfectly financially successful,” says Jim Barnett, the co-founder and CEO of Glint. “I started to wonder if happiness in a commercial sense wasn’t actually to do with accomplishment itself, and I began to see what could be done to make happiness more achievable in the workplace.”

Eventually, that led to Barnett setting Glint up in 2013, as his co founder and he saw that what managers were missing were dashboard-level access to what was really engaging and motivating the teams they were trying to help. Managers don’t need scores and numbers, they need real insight into what’s working and what’s not working, what makes people feel included and what makes them feel excluded from what they are trying to achieve.

Glint is far from Barnett’s first rodeo; an accomplished executive and entrepreneur after education in business and law and a run in the private equity space; he’s run several successful tech and non-tech companies including the Google of the mid-1990s AltaVist.
But Glint’s taken that nice idea one step forward; not only can it offer you real-time data from these mini-surveys that can be analyzed and aggregated in the manager’s dashboard, it’s now offering those same managers very specific action plans based on the immediate problems or suggestions that its analysis has thrown up. In the words of HR tech guru, former Deloitte analyst Josh Bersin, as a result the company is moving the survey system far beyond that of a feedback tool into a true behavioral change system.

Feedback is at the heart of learning and growth, but all too often poor software design gets in the way of the human conversations. Glint draws on the principles of design thinking to create a unique, intuitive user experience that accelerates adoption and action. Further, the company delivers human-level insight at super human speed. Proactive intelligence immediately surfaces opportunities, predicts risks, and most importantly— prescribes action.
  • Glint really goes back to the beginning of my career, when I worked with a lot of companies whose leaders that just didn’t really seem happy at all

Unlike survey providers, Glint is built on a people-centric architecture that captures data throughout the employee experience, giving you insights across all your feedback programs. And it’s designed to support complex, global organizations, regardless of how they’re organized— or how often they’re reorganized.

Here’s what Michelle Colbert, Head of Leadership Development, Global Talent Management of Ericsson, one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers has to say about Glint, “Since we are already using Glint to collect feedback from our employee voice program, we now have the opportunity to combine those insights with the data collected from 360s. This will really help us set our strategy for our leaders by diving further into areas of focus.”

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Jim Barnett, CEO and Co-founder

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