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Tanya Bakalov, CEO and Founder, HelloTeamTanya Bakalov, CEO and Founder
Employees are the key pillars of any successful organization. However, it is only an engaged workforce that drives positive momentum to the overall progress of a business. Unfortunately, uncertainties caused by the pandemic have taken a toll on the level of employee engagement as a majority of the workforce have opted for remote and hybrid working models. According to recent studies, merely 15-20 percent of employees are engaged with their organizational culture. This rate of disengagement is making it difficult for countless businesses to identify and retain the right talents. Today, navigating and fostering positive employee relationships have become critical.

Concurrently, as the shepherds of an organization, HR professionals have been evaluating the situation and trying to enhance the internal dynamics with available resources. However, the truth is that many of them fail to implement successful engagement strategies. Adding to the woes, the ongoing retention crisis issues related to high turnover, recruiting, employee development, and locations of the employees are making it tougher for HR leaders, especially in small and mid-sized businesses. The marketplace is in dire need of a modern tool that can help improve employee engagement, retain talent, and build the future workplace for a desk-less and hybrid workforce.

Amid this backdrop, HelloTeam is helping the future workforce and the HR teams across organizations is with its flexible and seamless employee experience platform. “We successfully replace all the HR-centric and manager-centric digital tools available in the market for employee engagement with a solution that was developed for prioritizing employee experience,” says Frank Moreno, Chief Marketing Officer at HelloTeam. This innovative platform addresses the needs of HR managers while being an employee-centric solution. The idea behind this venture was to rebuild the sense of workplace community and virtualize things like break-room and water cooler conversations.

While being a social connectivity platform for the employees, HelloTeam assists many small HR teams of various organizations in automating manual processes that have always been time-consuming and tiresome. It is high time that these processes are automated, thereby offering more time for HR professionals to address other strategic issues. This is precisely what the platform is capable of. It offers enough time to HR professionals to put in the efforts to enhance employee engagement and attract and retain top talents. In a nutshell, HelloTeam addresses the needs of both HR professionals and employees.

All-in-One Platform

HelloTeam’s platform is carefully developed to accommodate every feature needed for an organization to build an active working culture.“An organization is offered all the elements needed to encourage employees to connect and contribute to their working culture,” explains Moreno.
The platform’s key highlights include rewards and recognition feature, crowdsourced recognition from peers, badges, surveys, polls, interactive and dynamic org charts, employee profiles, and one-on-ones.

The platform also fulfills the core HR needs such as performance management with reviews, 360-degree feedback, and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). An added benefit is the ability for both the employees and the HR leaders to access their HelloTeam dashboards from a mobile device or a desktop, giving them the opportunity to be aware of events like news, birthdays, anniversaries, and new hires regardless of their working location. Overall, the company’s mission is to accelerate the onboarding processes, amplify the working culture and productivity of an organization, reduce talent acquisition costs and improve communication between employees and HR leaders.

Building Solid Client Relationships

To further enunciate their capabilities, the company has a customer success team that helps in strategically onboarding the clients. This mission-oriented team readily helps the clients implement their ideas through the platform, improve their HR processes and communication with the employees and get a rapid return on investment. On that note, the company has integrated with some of the leading core HR and payroll providers, giving them the advantage of plug-in and play with in-place systems and accelerating the deployment time.

The unparalleled capabilities of the platform make the company one of the most preferred solution providers in the market. Moreno recalls a success story of BORN Group, a global digital agency in search of a solution to retain their talent and develop their existing globally distributed workforce. Even though they initially were only interested in automating the performance reviews, the added features of surveys, recognition, and rewards got them hooked. Now they use the platform for skills matching whenever their projects need new talent. In yet another successful case study, Hello Team assisted World Connection, a BPO and contact center seeking to tackle employee retention and reduce attrition issues caused due to the pandemic. Through the company’s platform, the client was able to keep up their engagement, connectivity, and performance rate, which hugely impacted retention of their top talent, improved talent mobility, and reduced their recruitment costs.
  • Organizations across all industries are facing a retention crisis. The HelloTeam platform helps HR leaders automate and simplify performance management, accelerate engagement and improve the employee experience, dramatically improving their retention efforts

Giving a glimpse into their future, Moreno unveils plans to implement innovative ideas into the platform that can solve the challenges of the HR professionals, especially in desk-less and remote workplace scenarios. One step toward that goal is the recently added feature of learning management and rewards. Going forward, there will be further addition of novel features to address people intelligence and analytics. Lastly, the company is also mindful of expanding its partnership circle with core HR and payroll providers, as well as exploring many more verticals such as manufacturing and hospitality.
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Tanya Bakalov, CEO and Founder and Frank Moreno, Chief Marketing Officer

HelloTeam offers an all-in-one platform for small and mid-sized organizations to meet their HR needs as well as to create a highly engaged workforce. HelloTeam assists HR teams in automating time-consuming manual processes and offers enough time to HR professionals for enhancing employee engagement and retain top talents. The platform’s key highlights include rewards and recognition feature, crowdsourced recognition from peers, badges, surveys, polls, interactive and dynamic org charts, employee profiles, and one-on-ones. HelloTeam dashboards can be accessed from a mobile device or a desktop, to get updates about organizational events and news.