HighGround: Revitalizing Culture and Performance in the Workforce

Vipon Sandhir, CEO & Founder, HighGroundVipon Sandhir, CEO & Founder
Employees are undoubtedly the most critical and integral cogs responsible for an organization’s success or failure. To do justice to this relentless and indispensable resource, employers must pay undiluted attention to not let their workforce feel disengaged. While traditional HR systems fare well with administrative policies, they lack when it comes to a comprehensive employee engagement routine. HighGround, a Chicago based company, is a fresh break away from such traditional HR systems to provide an employee engagement platform which empowers companies to create continuous feedback with their workforce, thus engaging and inspiring employees. “With a motivated workforce able to reach its full potential and visibility into organizational health, HighGround customers increase employee retention, productivity, customer satisfaction, and drive bottom-line results,” says Vip Sandhir, CEO and Founder, HighGround.

With traditional annual employee review processes not yielding the desired results, companies are looking for new ways to conduct meaningful, actionable, and productive performance reviews. HighGround’s progressive approach lets businesses focus on continuous real-time employee feedback and coaching by breaking down the annual process into more frequent, bite-sized discussions. HighGround is intensely focused on helping its customers transform the way they engage and develop their employees. As team-based workplaces become more common, it is harder to track and rate individuals. HighGround’s robust performance management toolkit enables employers to identify and retain the company’s high performers. “We help companies refine their review processes and maximize results as it aids workers to recognize personal strengths and take charge of their career development, while enhancing the company’s culture,” Vip notes.

The HighGround Employee Engagement platform is an open and extensible enterprise intelligence infrastructure, built to seamlessly integrate into a company’s existing Human Resource Information System (HRIS). The company’s Business Insights Layer (BIL) gives leaders instant access to an array of powerful analytic tools which offer deep insights into employee behavior and sentiment, providing real-time intelligence to cater to complex business needs.

We help companies take a modern approach to engaging and developing talent and maximize results for the business while it aids workers to recognize personal strengths and take charge of their career paths

The firm also uses pulse surveys that enable leaders to get real-time insight into the overall atmosphere in the organization and identify potential problem areas that need attention.

HighGround also provides the means for managers to set and track individual and team goals, objectives and key results (OKRs) quarterly that are aligned with company goals, generating transparency across the organization and delivering more personalized reviews to build better relationships. For employees, HighGround provides a way to appreciate their peers’ and mentors’ efforts in doing a good job. “It’s served up in an online social feed so other colleagues can chime in to like or comment, building camaraderie,” cites Vip.

The company’s user-friendly social and mobile recognition platform gives employees a digital archive of their personal achievements and allows peers to recognize one another for living out company values. People are encouraged to contribute more by extending the recognition social feed into tools which employees use everyday, such as collaboration or CRM tools. HighGround also enables companies to extend their recognition platforms to their network of customers, partners, and suppliers. “Organizations can include a “Recognize Me” call to action button at the bottom of employees’ email signatures and on other communication tools to solicit feedback from people outside the organization,” explains Vip.

With a single unified platform that addresses the various business challenges arising from organization-employee relationship, HighGround is able to create a seamless stream of people data aimed at providing significant intelligence to ultimately improve on individual and team accomplishments. “We are continuously working to deliver useful integrations to other enterprise applications and platforms, and exploring partnerships to better support change management and talent development strategies,” concludes Vip.