Interact-the intelligent intranet: Intelligent Intranet Software Revolutionizes Employee Engagement

Nigel Williams, Head of Customer Insight, Interact the intelligent intranetNigel Williams, Head of Customer Insight
Global organizations expect their solutions to adapt to today’s “new world of work” one that requires dramatic changes in Human Resources (HR) strategies, while also being scalable to meet new needs as they arise. Currently, many companies are focusing on employee engagement to reap various benefits; but as technology transforms, customers expect innovative, interactive solutions that go beyond the call of duty. To solve such challenges in employee engagement and adapt to the changes in an organization’s culture, companies adopt intranets to transform workplace productivity. However, companies tend to struggle to effectively communicate and engage with their employees, so they need a next generation intranet which can simplify this. Headquartered in New York City, Interact, offers flexible and scalable solutions that have revolutionized the way companies communicate, collaborate, and streamline internal processes. “Interact solves communication and engagement challenges for organizations across the globe, enabling customers to put their employees first,” says Nigel Williams, Head of Customer Insight, Interact.

The company’s out-of-the-box intranet software is the go-to partner for organizations looking to make huge reductions in administration, driving employee engagement and retention, evident in their HR technology awards. “We are enabling organizations to transform the way HR is perceived, improving employee adoption, while also making essential processes easy, yet compliant. For example, Performance Review reporting, which often entails months of administration for HR teams, is now taking a matter of hours using Interact’s business process tools,” states Williams.

The software integrates seamlessly with other cloud applications to ensure all distributed content can be found and accessed straight from the intranet, overriding impediments like multiple passwords, at the same time, maintaining security. Employee engagement is enhanced within the organization and users share knowledge and queries within the team, using simple tools that are recognizable from external social media applications.

Interact solves communication and engagement challenges for organizations across the globe, enabling customers to put their employees first

“The intelligence engine in Interact provides collective knowledge to teams and lets the employees navigate through a network that has a personalized interface,” describes Williams. The rapid and intelligent search feature enables employees to find the right data quickly and if that data doesn’t exist, it posts queries to experts on the subject. The tools in place overcome common collaborative challenges such as language, familiarity and timezone. Williams exclaims that the software enhances employees’ productivity by prioritizing and managing tasks that have deadlines. Interact’s unique intelligence engine enables employees to browse routes, search entries, rate documents, and share content with other team members.

Summarizing the company’s expertise, Williams highlights a case study of working with a U.S. based client. With 800 staff and most of them working remotely, they faced challenges in communicating and collaborating with team members. “To foster engagement amongst employees, the client was able to quickly create an online community,” delineates Williams. Through the community, employees sent messages and communicated effortlessly. They also received feedback from end-users rapidly, which let them resolve issues with their customers promptly. It not only improved their employee engagement, but also let them train their end-users to access their application at tailored-speeds.

Interact’s scalable, flexible, and intelligent intranet software lets them stay ahead of the competition. The company plans to add features, complementing the existing software with focus on employee engagement and productivity. “We have plans to develop a cloud-driven and mobile-driven software enabling customers to use our solution through any device without boundaries. While our competitors often require the customer to have fulltime employees managing their intranet, we are making objectives equally achievable, with many customers having to commit less than five hours per week to achieve success,” concludes Williams.