Jubi: Modern Learning Platform Transforms Learning Into Active Experience

Terry Barber, Founder & Executive Chairman, JubiTerry Barber, Founder & Executive Chairman
In a highly competitive global marketplace the companies that successfully empower and motivate their teams with a sense of purpose that aligns to the business goals and culture are better positioned for success.

Simply put, informed and engaged employees deliver better results. But employee engagement, change management and training, has historically been perceived as a complicated process that drains budgets and time without delivering any sustained change in behavior.

That is about to change. Jubi, a new, modern learning platform, is posed to disrupt traditional learning and development with innovative technology, extensive research and robust analytics.

“We created Jubi to help companies’ quickly and effectively onboard new employees, level-up existing skills and help manage change,” says Larry Mohl, Founder and CEO of Atlanta-based Jubi. Mohl has more than 25 years of experience in training and development. “Our ‘Learn- Do-Inspire’ framework helps employees learn, and then immediately apply that learning, to solidify the experience into their behavior, without ever setting foot into an uninspiring classroom for days of training.”

As a cloud-based platform, Jubi is available on-demand from any laptop or mobile device with easy access via a web browser. Leveraging gamification tactics, including badges, points and leaderboards infuses a sense of competition and engagement designed to drive advanced levels of problem solving, collective learning and innovation. Jubi is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Convenient Content Creation and Analytics Reporting

Drag-and-drop features within the authoring suite simplify content creation. In most cases, existing content can be easily uploaded and transformed into a multi-media Jubi experience.
Larry Mohl, Founder & CEO, JubiLarry Mohl, Founder & CEO
“Our authoring suite is built right into the platform with a visual drag and drop toolset that develops Quests,” explains Terry Barber, Founder and Executive Chairman at Jubi. “These Quests combine activities, questions and puzzles with multi-media content to drive knowledge, acquisition and retention. Students are awarded points for completing tasks purposely developed to actively engage them with the content and advance their position on the leaderboard.”

Our ‘Learn-Do-Inspire’ framework helps employees learn and immediately apply what they’re learning to solidify the experience into their behavior

An easy-to-read dashboard also provides robust analytics for managers to see and track the development of students.

Seeing is Believing

Recently, a US-based sales call center reduced by more than 50 percent the time it took a new hire to go through training and start producing revenue. Training had typically taken 6-7 weeks, but by leveraging Jubi, new agents are now selling at the same level as their experienced counterparts in just 3 weeks.

“Informed and engaged employees deliver better results, more quickly,” concludes Mohl.