Leadership IQ: Unraveling the Secret to Workforce Engagement

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Mark Murphy, Founder, Leadership IQMark Murphy, Founder
The future is here; millennials have taken over the workforce. They are tech-savvy, versatile, and imaginative. But, they also have unique expectations from their workplaces and employers. The mindset of today’s millennial employees is shifting from the mundane routine of heading to work and clocking an eight-hour shift to seeking an important partaker in their company’s business decisions. Realizing this, several organizations covet creating a guaranteed culture of engagement—one that attracts and retains the best talent for a longer span.

However, each company exhibits a different driving factor for its employees, and thus the conventional methods of conducting haphazard engagement surveys are no longer capable of fostering a collaborative workforce. There needs to be a scientific approach that offers a profound understanding of what motivates employees to engage with their employers. While many HR tech companies are still attempting to identify an effective analytical approach, Washington, DC-based Leadership IQ already has a suitable solution in place to address their employee engagement setbacks. Leadership IQ combines its AI-driven survey practice—Hundred Percenter Index—with multiple regression analysis to precisely isolate different parameters that influence an organization’s engagement with its workforce. “Our scientific approach prevents companies from wasting time and effort on issues that don’t resonate with their employees,” says Mark Murphy, a renowned organizational leadership trainer and the founder of Leadership IQ.

What drives Leadership IQ ahead in the employee engagement landscape is its ability to emphasize on highly specific and actionable questions in its surveys. Murphy explains, “Questions like ‘do you trust your boss?’ or ‘are you satisfied with your work environment?’ don’t provide any comprehensible message to act upon.” Thus, Leadership IQ formulates hyper-practical questions, such as “When you share work problems with your leader, do they respond constructively?” Answers to such questions immediately connect an organization to precise issues, and the employers can thereafter work on remediating them.

What drives Leadership IQ ahead in the employee engagement landscape is its ability to emphasize on highly specific and actionable questions in its surveys

“We further supplement our surveys with leadership training modules, helping the employers not only investigate but resolve the root causes of employee dissatisfaction,” highlights Murphy.

The uniqueness of Leadership IQ’s approach to employee engagement can be further substantiated through its numerous client success stories. Citing one of these, Murphy states, “Recently, one of our clients was undergoing a massive organizational realignment, making major changes in their departments, and this was causing severe employee discontentment.” Prior to engaging with Leadership IQ, the company had a notion that reassuring their frontline managers during the course of the change will help solve the issue. However, when Murphy and his team conducted an extensive engagement survey, it was revealed that the key reason of discontentment was the company’s lack of interest in conveying their present challenges and future visions clearly to the junior employees. On discovering this, Leadership IQ immediately advised its client to make provisions and conduct frequent meetings with the junior employees to share the company’s business roadmap. Within six months, the client’s engagement rate with its employees increased by 30 percent.

While such associations showcase how scientific surveys are the cornerstone of an engaged team, Murphy believes, “A nearly forgotten aspect while ensuring a collaborative workforce is getting good hires.” Thus, along with leading-edge employee engagement solutions, Leadership IQ coaches HR managers to hire candidates more tactfully.

These all-round capabilities have made Leadership IQ a go-to employee engagement solution provider. Leadership IQ further plans to integrate AI and machine learning with its solution portfolio. The company also intends to conduct ground-breaking research to let organizations quantify the value generated from their employee engagement campaigns. Above all, Murphy and his team want to continue creating small, bite-sized training modules for organizational leaders to help them build a unified workforce.