LeggUP: Using Tech-Driven Wellbeing Tools to Disrupt Employee Engagement

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Tom Finn, Co-Founder & CEO, LeggUPTom Finn, Co-Founder & CEO
Employee engagement has become every management consultant’s buzzword, as organizations seek to empower their workforce to achieve a competitive edge and profit margin through the right employer culture. Recent studies show that engaged employees boost business outcomes. On the flip side, over 70 percent of the employees in the US are not satisfied with their jobs due to increased work time, pressure, or organizational change. Enter LeggUP.

Although there are numerous employee engagement tools, they tend to be cumbersome for companies to manage, and hindered by rigid outcomes, and a lack of feedback from the employees. LeggUP overcomes these challenges by providing tailored wellbeing solutions through a unique career development platform, enabling enterprises to empower their capable employees in the areas of culture, talent and strategy development.

LeggUP’s primary vision is to enable enterprise employees to harness their career needs, creating a positive working environment, imparting quality and innovative career development, and to provide access to the best skill development coaches in the world. The company’s platform is simple, user-friendly, intuitive, and multi-linguistic; employees can access the platform with their company credentials. Organizations seldom have the resources, scalability options, and knowledge to empower their employees career development.

“The career assessment is beneficial for employees and HR leaders. By utilizing our artificial intelligence algorithm we can take work off of their desk and more effectively target areas in an individual’s career where improvement is achievable,” Said Tom Finn, co-founder, and CEO of LeggUP.
Through the platform, LeggUP analyses an individual’s performance and potential utilizing a quick questionnaire. The system then provides recommended coaches that match their career wellbeing goals. Presently, over forty areas pertaining to career wellbeing have been identified by LeggUP, and respective courses can be sourced together to deliver focused learning outcomes for individuals. Also, LeggUP provides one-to-one completely customized coaching plans for employees delivered through its integrated video learning software and interactive message toolbox.

Employees are trained to find their passion and nurture them in a synergistic learning environment. HR and talent leaders are taught unique ways of enhancing the overall productivity of their organizations though this scalable, transparent career wellbeing platform.

Furthermore, LeggUP works with employee benefit brokers and consultants to further democratize their value-based offerings. The coaches integrated with the LeggUP platform have verified industry experience and skills based on diverse organizational structures, methodologies, and functions.“Moving beyond typical career-oriented development, LeggUP’s platform provides coaching on several wellbeing topics including wellness tips, reducing stress, developing good habits, balancing your priorities, and learning to say no in certain situations,” added Tom Finn. HR managers can offer LeggUP’s programs as a voluntary benefit to all of their employees, or offer groups of employees an employer paid option. Employer paid options can be grouped to serve employees who have been with the company for a specific period, a geographic division, a job category or high performers who are driven by their particular interests. A wellbeing engagement typically lasts 6-12 sessions over as many weeks as fits with the companies structure.

With over 250 clients in the US with the company’s voluntary benefits package, LeggUP is looking forward to refining its AI technologies on its platform to deliver more customized results for learners. “We see technological advancements, enhancing employer paid product options, and a distribution force that will enter the European and Australian markets down the road,” concluded Tom.