MyEmployees: Hiding in Plain Sight

Adam Tartt, COO, MyEmployeesAdam Tartt, COO
Savvy human capital industry insiders are getting their highest employee engagement scores in history, reversing the tumultuous turnover trend, and enjoying record lows in absenteeism using a little-known strategic twist on a classic program initiative.

What they have found is that by shifting their focus away from the same faulty thinking of their well-intentioned peers, they are able to simultaneously boost employee motivation and morale, while sending employee engagement to its highest levels since before Gallup even started tracking and cataloguing its research findings.

Adam Tartt, COO of MyEmployees, is a battle-tested veteran of the management consulting industry and specializes in human capital solutions. According to Tartt, the secret weapon has been hiding in plain sight for decades. MyEmployees CEO, David Long, connected the underlying problem of employee engagement to business performance capabilities, which already existed within 99 percent of American companies. After that, gains in human capital started exploding.

Tartt recounts the early triumphs. “They (businesses) were sitting on everything they needed all along. MyEmployees came through and connected the dots for them. When business leaders saw the alarmingly simple, yet incredibly effective, method, the light bulbs started going off.”

MyEmployees has taken that system and perfected it over the course of the last 30 years and continues to use the same principles to garner tremendous results for dozens of industry verticals. The result has been Midas-like success for virtually all of MyEmployees’ clients.

Tartt recounts a restaurant that was ranked 67th in its franchise group. The restaurant faced internal complexities that included a lack of enthusiasm among the team members, nonexistent motivation, and a vacuum in the leadership ranks.

They (businesses) were sitting on everything they needed all along. MyEmployees came through and connected the dots for them

After deploying the MyEmployees system, a significant number of employees increased buy-in and stepped into leadership-style roles. The restaurant not only soared to second place in the franchise, it also experienced a 22 percent increase in the second quarter, with more promising results in the third quarter.

A retailer dealing with severe safety incidents attributed to a lack of engagement was spending an average of $21,000 for every single incident. “When MyEmployees stepped into the picture, their main objective was to improve employee engagement. After implementing our program, they did not have a single safety incident in the ensuing six months, which is really exciting news for us,” says Tartt.

The MyEmployees system has a reverberating impact on employee performance, and new innovations abound to better serve the human capital industry. The phenomenal success of the 2015 release of their “Spot-On Cards,” which catapulted company revenues along with client engagement scores, may soon be eclipsed by the introduction of their latest mobile app “Rise by MyEmployees” available only in the iTunes store for iOS; android set for release later in 2019. “Research proves that employees perform their best when receiving verbal praise every seven to ten days,” remarks Tartt. “Rise keeps a manager up-to-date on recognition efforts, so engagement opportunities are maximized.” While ramping up their capabilities, MyEmployees intends to enhance the features of Rise to enable managers to track the metrics related to employee’s achievements and accomplishments.

With a profound focus on growth, the company is adding sales and support staff. On a concluding note, Tartt shares, “Our employees have strong personal goals with a commitment to improve and promote a better tomorrow for us and the organizations that we serve.”