PDP Solutions: Powers Business Operations with Communications Solutions

Denny Dotson, Founder & Chairman, PDP SolutionsDenny Dotson, Founder & Chairman
You shouldn’t be looking for people slipping up; you should be looking for all the good things that people do and encourage them” an exquisite quote by Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, that has proven its value with time. The success of any business depends on fast-tracking productivity and performance intelligently by maximizing employee engagement and motivation. However, most of the workforce engagement solutions available in the market fail to meet the company expectations around improvement in employee engagement scores, creating a huge barrier between the employee and the organization. PDP Solutions, a Minnesota based company, combines internal communication software with managed services to provide effective, dynamic, and much needed employee communications. “We help our clients connect with employees, capture organization goals, and ultimately engage them in an effective manner,” explains Denny Dotson, Founder and Chairman, PDP Solutions.

“At PDP Solutions, our team of experts works to maintain a close connection with our customers. We know that effective internal communication helps engage employees and really drives organizational performance,” says Dotson. “We’re focused on helping everyone in an organization understand their role in the system.” PDP Solutions provides patented software and touch screen information kiosks to bring vital and important information to the plant floor in a non-desk employee environment. “Through PDP, we prove that employee engagement results in quantifiable productivity improvement,” adds Dotson.

PDP Solution’s tools support publication of news and information, a sortable employee directory, and a patented approach for displaying performance metrics.

We help our clients connect with employees, capture organization goals, and ultimately engage them in an effective manner

The impact of improved internal communications, via interactive design, delivers an employee-centric engagement system driving improved employee retention, best-practice lean productivity, and increased bottom-line profitability. Unlike desktop solutions promising better engagement, PDP’s solutions are uniquely suited to on-the-move plant floor production employees. “At PDP, we deliver an innovative and disciplined internal communications solution that unlocks the potential of organizations by building communities of highly engaged employees,” adds Dotson.

Clients have found partnering with PDP helps to jump start their internal communication program by making sure their ideas are implemented effectively. PDP helps their customers understand what can be done to engage and empower employees in order to improve retention and productivity. Among PDP’s most satisfied clients is Sarah Richards, President and CEO of Jones Metal, Inc. “PDP transformed our company culture,” she says. The change encompasses what they share with employees from finance, financial planning, and even personal information which means, knowing more about each other and caring more about each other.”

Moving ahead, the company plans to make the communication process better by offering social medial integration and real time metrics which is vital for business success in the highly competitive and economically challenging environment. PDP’s SAAS product is constantly evolving to ensure it meets the needs of customers and enhances PDP’s vision, “to create a world where people drive performance.”