Quantum Workplace: A Workplace Employees "Want" to Come to

Greg Harris, President & CEO, Quantum WorkplaceGreg Harris, President & CEO
Highly engaged employees are more productive, profitable, and customer-focused which ultimately drive business outcomes. In short, organizations don’t just benefit from employee engagement; they depend on it. Realizing that cultivating a healthy workplace environment is what keeps the workforce engaged, Quantum Workplace delivers smart employee engagement tools for achieving and recognizing such workplace ethics by making complex data understandable so organizations can easily take actions. “We serve more than 5,000 organizations annually through employee engagement surveys, action-planning tools, leadership assessment, and employer of choice recognition,” says Greg Harris, President and CEO, Quantum Workplace.

The company’s solutions are set around three basic principles to engage employees Preach, so employees voice their love for the organization and advocate their workplace; Plan, to improve retention and make the employees plan to stay in the organization; and Pursue, to incentivize employees to put forth discretionary efforts and achieve more for the organization. Several factors influence engagement, including manager effectiveness, trust in leaders, goal alignment, teamwork, benefits, job satisfaction, recognition, coworker trust, development opportunities, and more. Quantum Workplace collects feedback on these topics and analyzes which factors have the greatest effect on engagement. “We design our feedback methods in accordance to the organization’s uniqueness which fosters the best employee experience for their company,” remarks Harris.

To simplify the manager’s task, Quantum Workforce has come out with their core competency product TeamPulse, which is an employee engagement tool. “With feedbacks gathered through TeamPulse, it collectively measures engagement and analyzes results so managers can review team reports and easily identify strengths and weaknesses,” explains Harris.

We design our feedback methods in accordance to the organization’s uniqueness which fosters the best employee experience for their company

This allows them to take the decisive action which ultimately improves productivity, retention, and the company’s bottom-line. Apart from TeamPulse, the company also has a wide range of products which organizations can benefit from, such as LeaderGrade, Wyygo, and GoalPost. All of these products and solutions help companies improve their overall employee efficiency by engaging with them on several levels, whether through leadership induced programs that reflects smooth functioning of the organization, or through employee recognition and retention programs which motivate them to contribute further to their organization’s cause.

Having served industries across almost all sectors, Quantum Workforce invariably has a number of success stories to tell for itself, one of which is their work with Aviat Networks, a global provider of microwave networking solutions. In order to gain cohesiveness and unify its company culture, Aviat Networks partnered with Quantum Workplace to efficiently utilize the feedback of its employees, leading to a significant increase in employee engagement. The firm’s client-focused solutions allowed Aviat Networks to personalize its surveys to gain insight on how employees preferred to be recognized. The survey included customized choices such as, a team celebration, dinner voucher, and granted time off. “The flexibility of TeamPulse survey allowed Aviat Networks to place emphasis on the important areas of engagement unique to them,” notes Harris. As a result of the surveys and action planning put forth, Aviat Networks’ number of engaged and contributing employees increased by 4.3 percent, while disengaged employees decreased in the first year of implementing the solution.

Flexible, responsive, and providing excellent customer service, Quantum Workplace has its footprint indelibly imprinted across the country. Charged with a highly motivating environment in their own workplace, it comes as no surprise that their clients too have the same to say about their workplace and the employees working there.