QuestionPro: The Insights Platform Supercharge Your Workforce with Full-Service Employee Engagement Software

Vivek Bhaskaran, Founder, QuestionProVivek Bhaskaran, Founder
Employees are every organization’s greatest asset and cost. A passionate and engaged employee can work modern miracles, whereas an unmotivated employee can drag the entire team down. Employee disengagement is a universal problem that lacks a universal solution. With modern technology and research, however, we are now getting closer to finding one. QuestionPro, based in San Francisco, developed a full-service software solution, QuestionPro Workforce, to this age-old problem. It is an online tool that is capable of automating many of the processes that make employee engagement historically difficult.

As Vivek Bhaskaran, the Founder, so explains, “The modern problem with employee engagement is two-fold. Firstly, there are companies who still don’t have a strategy for actively engaging, communicating, and ultimately retaining their employees. Secondly, even after companies decide to have a strategy, it is too thin and/ or improperly executed. A Classic example: companies deploy a single annual survey and call it ‘employee engagement’. Not only is the survey too long, it lacks follow-up and plan to address the discovered issues. The survey may have raised awareness for a few weeks, but nothing changes in the grand scheme of things. Managers go back to dictating, rather than communicating, and the team members go back to old uncooperative habits. ‘The coffee machine regularly runs out of coffee again.’ Employee engagement is about building a fruitful relationship with your employees. And quite frankly, you wouldn’t have a good relationship with someone you talk to once in a year.”

Using QuestionPro Workforce, companies can now automatically send surveys more frequently, giving more real-time data that can be used to generate benchmark points and identify key problems or strengths. The tool allows companies to alter and customize their feedback processes, such as running a 360.

QuestionPro is an insights platform that helps customers make the right decisions

As Bhaskaran details, “Previously, besides a self-evaluation, supervisors would give a review, and that would be it. Now, the trend is to collect feedback not just from supervisors and self, but also from peers, team members, and anyone who frequently interacts with that individual, hence the name ‘360 review’. With our tool, this process is automated, so you won’t be creating eight different surveys for each employee, and painfully sending those surveys to eight different individuals.”

The clearest indicator of QP Workforce’s value is a recent project that QuestionPro ran for Corning Life Sciences. Corning, a billion dollar manufacturer of glass and ceramic ware, sought to run a technical assessment on their global sales force, specifically for their medical product portfolio. Using QuestionPro Workforce, they were able to identify top performers as well as gain insight into the fluctuating performance. As Bhaskaran explains, “Sales numbers only tell you so much. Sure, Product A sells better in Region B than Region C, but is it really because Product A is better suited to that region, or is it because Region B sales representatives got better training than Region C?”

QuestionPro, as a company, believes its customers are the primary part of its success. “We are a company that is completely funded by its customers,” states Bhaskaran. The firm emulates on the perspective customization is important, but it’s also important to identify common requirements. “Each customer will want something a bit different, but all of them will want certain basic information,” he adds. “Once a company identifies common requests, building automated reports can dramatically increase the efficiency of the customer’s process.”

Besides Workforce, QuestionPro is gearing up to launch QuestionPro CX, an innovative customer experience solution, with features such as Promoter Amplification, Detractor Recovery, and Customer Profiling, assisting companies in improving customer loyalty and growth.