SnapComms Leads in Multi-Channel HR Communication

Chantelle Hilleard, Director of People & Culture APAC, SnapComms An Everbridge CompanyChantelle Hilleard, Director of People & Culture APAC, SnapComms An Everbridge Company
In businesses today we see lots of communications competing for employee attention. This has led to important messages being overlooked, impacting employee engagement and productivity.

Today’s HR teams need modern communication tools that get employee attention. Tools that are unmissable, interactive and visually-appealing – just the way employees prefer.

SnapComms from Everbridge is a global internal communications platform that delivers 100% message readership.It’s a unique multi-channel platform for breaking down communication barriers, with millions of users in 75 countries.

Not only is SnapComms trusted by organizations worldwide,we also use it ourselves. I rely upon the SnapComms channels to support and drive our HR goals, from increasing engagement to fostering culture. It has a huge influence on the success of our HR activities – that’s why I know it will for yours as well.

The SnapComms Difference
What makes SnapComms stand out are the full range of channels and formats it provides, frompop-up alerts to scrolling tickers, surveys and screensavers. The unique mix of priority channels for instant cut-through and passive channels for long-term reinforcement deliver unbeatable results.

SnapComms messages bypass email to ensure that every employee is informed, engaged and inspired, without adding to email-overload or chat distraction.
Over 1 billion messages have been sent via SnapComms to millions of users since 2007. Organizations have used the platform to maximize message awareness, increase employee engagement, and connect dispersed teams.

The extensive suite of messaging across desktop, mobile and digital signage allows busy HR teams to stay relevant and capture employee attention. Ready-to-use templates and in-built design capability allow content creators to craft vibrant, compelling messages quickly to reach employees in real-time.

One Platform – Every Communication Need

SnapComms is used by HR teams across the world to achieve a range of communication objectives.
• Important leadership and CEO messages can be shared through video updates and digital newsletters. Staff can be invited to company events with an interactive RSVP tool.
• Positive company culture can be fostered using beautifully crafted, consistent messaging that every employee can relate to, from sentiment surveys to campaign and event promotions.
• Health, safety and wellbeing can be improved by sharing employee wellness tips and reminders to keep them healthy and happy at work.

Using multiple platforms for your employee communications can be costly and inefficient. Consolidating multiple different suppliers into the SnapComms multi-channel platform saves budget and reduces effort in managing separate vendors.

Measuring Success

Tracking performance is the only way to judge whether activities have been successful.

SnapComms provides real-time insights to improve communication effectiveness. Reporting options show performance of message delivery, readership and engagement. HR Managers can use this data to learn which content employees most engage with.

Administrators can access comprehensive reporting from an individual user level to a holistic view of entire campaign performance. Reports can then be easily exported for analysis.

SnapComms combines the best communication tools with market-leading expertise to raise awareness, boost engagement and improve performance.
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