Enspire: Drives Action and Amplifies Brands

According to a recent survey by Gartner, 20 percent of organizations will include employee engagement improvements as a shared performance objective for HR and IT groups by the year 2020. The report highlights the fact that several organizations have already started investing a significant amount of resources in workforce management and employee benefit programs to overhaul their existing strategies.

Texas-based Enspire, defines engagement as inspiring employees to action for employer programs and resources. The company does this by meeting employees where they are; on their mobile devices.

On an average, people spend five or more hours per day checking their phones. “This dramatic adoption of smartphones is both an opportunity and challenge for employers,” begins Amanda Wiles, CEO of Enspire. “There is opportunity for better access to programs where employers are spending billions to take care of employees and retain top talent. The challenge is the explosion of employee solutions and programs, resulting in an expansive landscape disorienting employees with arrays of vendor names and logins. Employees are increasingly left frustrated, and too often fail to take advantage of the wealth of employer offered resources.”

Enspire is a digital platform that reconnects employee experience with employer’s own brand. Enspire focuses on a company’s brand to help empower employees to navigate and access what they need and when they need it. “An employer’s Enspire platform advances the impact of their own brand to improve employee productivity and retain top talent,” Amanda states, “with custom app layouts, content and mobile experiences driving an employer’s corporate priorities. All vendor solutions are integrated into a personalized digital experience with communication campaigns, and are supported by a dedicated team of digital experts who specialize in engagement strategy, UX design, and data analytics to improve utilization.
There is a significant difference between awareness versus taking action to drive engagement results. We do more than talk about engagement; we are willing to take action with advanced technology to remove barriers to employee engagement.” Through their own Communication Platform and Engagement Intelligence techniques, Enspire designers and developers work in concert with employer teams to create a user experience that enable employees to find what they need and take action, and experience the wealth of value in the services an employer provides.

Enspire is driving impressive results. By using their app to promote telehealth, a large school district tripled utilization of the benefit resulting in significant savings and positive feedback for their 12,000 employees. Another client in the retail industry with 13,000 employees experienced more than 250,000 views in their app in less than a year saying, “This will revolutionize the way we communicate to our partners”, and in the first three months they more than doubled their Employee Assistance Program utilization from the previous year. Within the healthcare industry, a client confirms, “Our workforce is so used to using their mobile devices that it only makes sense to capitalize on this communication option. It truly gives them access to most of what they need from a work perspective at their fingertips. They can access benefits information, payroll information, safety messages, and breaking company news by the click of a button on their phone. We are very excited about the high usage we see in our app and can only see that growing.” Enspire has even made a mark within the energy industry, when they were presented as an innovative digital safety resource at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Conference in Bahrain last fall.

As a majority women-owned technology company established on the principle that people matter, Enspire stands out in employee engagement with advanced technology to focus on what matters most to employees, within the employer’s brand and communicating it in a way that drives impact.