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Amanda Wiles, CEO, EnspireAmanda Wiles, CEO Companies with engaged employees had 89 percent greater customer satisfaction and 50 percent higher customer loyalty than their disengaged counterparts.—Hay Group

Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year.—The Engagement Institute

20 percent of organizations will include employee engagement improvements as a shared performance objective for HR and IT groups by 2020.—Gartner

Only 16 percent are satisfied or very satisfied with their current approach to measuring the employee experience.—Gartner

Clearly, employee engagement is an elusive beast. The statistics speak for themselves.

With the two perplexing words— employee engagement—clouding every employer’s agenda for years now, enterprises still have a long way to reap the benefits of their expensive engagement initiatives. The lack of success in their efforts stems from employers not grasping the true meaning of employee engagement. That assertion comes from the vantage point of Enspire, one of the leading digital workforce platforms for employee engagement, headed by an innovative entrepreneur, Amanda Wiles. She should know.

While most turn a blind eye to these statistics, for industry leaders like Amanda, these are opportunities and causes worth pursuing. With more than 20 years of experience in the benefits and healthcare industries, Amanda has been working closely with large employers to help them attract and retain employees. Having previously launched many successful ventures, Amanda witnessed global companies rise, acquire, merge and spin, only to find the common thread that matters along the way—the PEOPLE. She understands the value of retaining quality employees and actively works with employers to bring meaningful engagement.

Today, Amanda and her dynamic team at Enspire are moving the needle on employee engagement issues. At the helm as the CEO, Amanda brings in her unique perspective of global employers and insights around attracting and retaining talent. Her in-depth knowledge from the perspective of the payor, provider, and the consumer has been instrumental in helping Enspire’s clients drive productivity by providing their employees better access to needed resources and improve their overall work experience. Certified by WBENC as a women–owned business, Enspire is established on the principle that people matter. The company stands out in employee engagement with advanced technology to focus on what matters most to employees within the employer’s brand and communicating it in a way that drives impact.

Amplify Your Brand Through Mobile

Enspire is a highly-customized mobile-first digital platform that integrates all resources into one app designed to re-engage employees and reconnect the employee experience with the employer brand. While many technologies limit engagement to mean a simple activity or social conversation, Amanda states that “the data clearly shows that you cannot stop there.” Enspire takes a unique approach to define engagement as employee actions that align with your business strategic goals. “Employees with the highest level of job satisfaction feel they are empowered to make decisions with a positive impact toward the overall success of the company and the people in their lives,” Amanda emphasizes.

CEOs, HR and corporate communication teams continue to strive to give employees every opportunity for impact with company mission, targets and goals. “Employers want employees empowered not just to make decisions, but also to have resources needed to take actions that drive impact,” emphasizes Amanda. That’s what Enspire and the Enspire Platform does, create one app under the employee brand to integrate everything that employees need to easily take action and drive impact that aligns with your business strategic goals.

“Your employer brand is the most effective starting point for your employees to access everything,” Amanda affirms. The winning differentiator of Enspire is that it allows white-labeling of the Enspire App Platform, which dramatically boosts the visibility of employer brands. App icons, mobile experiences, push notifications and platform communication are designed entirely under your employer brand. “Enspire is your platform built to amplify your voice and help you reconnect with your employees,” informs Amanda.

So, how does Enspire engage and empower employees?

The answer, according to Amanda, is one word: Access.

“Our Apergy App built in the Enspire Platform integrates all of the information our employees, spouses and partners need for benefits, safety, leadership updates, and more. Technology With Impact is a fundamental element of Apergy’s culture, and with our app, we can structure the experience to be a digital hub that advances beyond listing information to solving problems,” says Luke Prettol, Health and Wellbeing Benefits Manager at Apergy.

Enspire technology has been a powerful solution for HR and executive teams to integrate all employee resources into one place. “There’s an opportunity for better access to programs where employers are spending billions to take care of employees and retain top talent.

The challenge is that there has been an explosion of employee solutions and programs, resulting in an expansive landscape disorienting employees with arrays of vendor names and logins. Employees are increasingly left frustrated, and too often fail to take advantage of the wealth of employer offered resources,” reveals Amanda. By integrating all employee resources under the employerbrand, there is a direct improvement to employee access to information.

During the coronavirus outbreak, for example, Enspire’s technology helped employers communicate COVID resources integrated into the same Enspire built app platform employees use for safety, payroll, benefits, and schedules. Using Enspire’s targeted push notifications, employers were able to send alerts to select offices where remote working was an option and also offer telehealth solutions where employees could access a doctor from the safety of home to prevent spreading symptoms.

“We use this app with all of our employees. It’s an important means of communication for benefits and safety initiatives and to spread news and updates to targeted groups or company-wide. It’s a tool we use for everything.” states Cyndy Stone, Vice President of Integration and Communication at PatientCare.

Employees with the highest level of job satisfaction feel they are empowered to make decisions with a positive impact toward the overall success of the company and the people in their lives

From safety, training, and benefits, to payroll, new hire processes, and CEO updates, these diverse aspects can now be pulled into one resource with Enspire. “Employers can consolidate all work-related resources into a single place. With this one integrated access point, we can custom build experiences in a way that helps improve an employee’s work and life - all from one app,” adds Amanda.

By bringing engagement back to the employer brand, Enspire improves utilization for all employee programs. So far, Enspire has integrated all types of employee programs, including most vendors providing payroll, benefits, shift schedules, expense tracking, open enrollment, training, and wellness and safety initiatives. “We are helping employers consolidate up to 85 different apps for employee solutions into one app,” extols Amanda.

So Why Mobile-First?

“Individuals, especially in the U.S., are on their phones over five hours a day on average. So it was essential for us to help employers reach out to employees where they are,” she says. Touching upon the challenges existing in the industry, Amanda reveals that roughly a third of all adults that make $30,000 or less only have access to the internet through their smartphones. An increasingly high number of employees still do not use the computer for their work; as a result, the ability to communicate with such a workforce is a struggle for employers and the HR industry.

Employees expect better and faster access to information on their mobile devices. As a mobile-first platform Enspire offers targeted push notifications that can be scheduled throughout the year and linked to personalized content that is actionable and easy to recall. “This allows companies to stay ahead of behavior trends and ensure employees have access to what they need when they need it,” says Amanda. The Enspire Platform push notifications are dynamic and can be targeted to employees based on any preferred selection criteria such as job titles, home office locations, benefit selections, company event attendees, and topics of interest.

To reconnect employers with their employees and bring their brand and vision to life, Enspire believes in solving problems with technology and designing mobile experiences that inspire employees to take action with available employer programs and resources. In doing so, it engages the employees where they are—on their mobile devices. Enspire takes a mobile-first approach, keeping this dramatic adoption of smartphones in mind. In addition, mobile brings unique technologies to help communicate and reach employees efficiently and effectively.

“Working at a large employer in a large city in an even larger world, the messaging about employee benefits becomes white noise. Our mobile app allows information to be condensed into a usable convenient format in the employee’s pocket. With a few clicks, they can call, email, login, or access any benefit they have as an employee of Austin ISD. Our app is a powerful tool to help employees gain benefits access, easily engage, and streamline tasks. It is a rolodex, a wallet, and a computer all in one!” shares Lynn Brenan, Director of Benefits, Leave & Workers’ Comp at Austin ISD.

Enspire Designs Your Employee Digital Experience

HR teams are under heavy pressure to communicate better, Enspire combines advanced technology with a full turn-key engagement strategy team to do all of the heavy lifting for an organization to communicate effectively in mobile. This strategy team is led by digital experts who specialize in communication strategy, content creation, and data-driven interactive design. Using these techniques, Enspire encapsulates each client’s strategic initiatives into digital experiences that empower employees to take actions that are aligned with business goals and targets. From CEOs, HR teams, Sales, HSE and Safety, Recruiting and Corporate Communications, Enspire’s experts integrate all areas of workforce operations. This translates into app experiences that include business workflow, safety and compliance process, access to sales collateral and product marketing to making better and more cost-effective health buying decisions. Each experience is unique and designed to drive empowered and productive behavior that enhances business value.

“Our clients are pleased to discover that Enspire is not a drop and walk away technology solution,” says Amanda. “We offer collaborative teams to continually improve employee experiences and messaging to ensure app content resonates with each client’s distinctive culture,” Amanda continues. Enspire works with leadership teams all year to align priorities with the needs of their staff for a wide range of industries such as energy, manufacturing, retail, school districts, and healthcare. Enspire’s in-house professionals bring in their unique knowledge of these diverse industries to help clients create an app that is specialized by industry and type of work to create a personalized experience for employees.

Enspire treats each client relationship like a true partnership where clients are offered as much control or collaboration as they need to drive effective results. Enspire has simplified the platform to an extent where employers can add content, images, videos, create assignable actions, surveys and seasonal or real-time push notification campaigns. There is no need to know or learn how to code. Enspire Platform with their proprietary AppMap and management tool gives clients the ability to see a holistic view of the entire digital experience and exercise full control over all elements that make up the mobile app workflow.

Drive Action with Engagement Intelligence

What makes Enspire second to none in this competitive environment is its ability to provide measurable results on employee experiences for Enspire clients. To attain a deeper level of understanding of the diverse needs of the employees, Enspire banks on the Enspire Analytics Engine and engagement intelligence to drive ongoing mobile strategy and to trigger impactful results.
Amanda firmly believes that there’s a significant difference between awareness versus taking action to drive engagement results. Enspire is committed to transforming the HR industry from the perspective of engagement intelligence. Enspire designers and developers work in concert with employer teams to create a user experience that enables employees to find what they need and take action— and experience the wealth of value in the services an employer provides.

While bridging the gap between information and action, Enspire empowers employers and HR teams with engagement intelligence insights based on real-time analytics and employee behaviors that allow taking action with advanced technology for removing the barriers to employee engagement. “We can see the seasons and trends to engage employees based on what they are interested in and the time of year,” she adds. For example, financial stress is at its peak in January of every year. Studies show that financial stress results in less productive and more distracted work with higher rates of absenteeism and more on-the-job accidents. To get ahead of this behavior trend, Enspire integrates all employer offered financial resources and enables employers to personalize these initiatives to employees —from offering financial counseling and student loan repayment plans to helping employees reach out with available financial resources, including telehealth to save on medical costs, CareFunds, HSA, FSA, and more. “We ensure that these initiatives are scheduled and offered in advance of the seasons when employees are demanding them,” explains Amanda.

"Enspire integrates all workforce solutions into one access point; we design app experiences where employees gravitate to our apps to take action in work and in life"

Another essential way that Enspire helps executives connect with employees is through actions. The app comes with a two-way interactive feedback features where an employer can send out a question and receive feedback from employees. The app’s crisis management feature is a perfect example of this feedback process whereby employers can reach out to employees in a time of crisis and determine if action needs to be taken. That’s not all; Enspire has also introduced virtual ID Card benefit wallets and digital total compensation statements as powerful employee resources.

Enspire’s Secret Weapon

As impressive as all of this sounds from a technology and product market fit perspective, Amanda shares that Enspire’s true secret weapon is that it was created in faith to build an inspiring place for high performers to work where people matter. “Our teams are strong, supported and inspired, which leads to client relationships that are stronger, collaborative, and trusting. This drives our success with relevant innovation, client referrals, and exponential growth. It all starts by caring about people.” In her words, “the company name ‘Enspire’ means ‘to inspire everyone’ and is founded on the belief that if someone is inspired, it’s contagious and they inspire someone else, creating momentum beyond what we can imagine in this world.” In essence, “the secret to our engagement strategy starts with valuing the people in our own teams.” Amanda describes how clients genuinely love working with Enspire teams and how this has been the driving force of innovative collaboration and impressive technology results with Enspire clients.

“There is not a day that goes by where I’m not amazed by the experiences our teams create. Our leadership values our people and this is an incredible work and life experience. Our technology teams are brilliant and solve problems with relevant impact for our clients. Our visual and design teams impress me with how a thought can be communicated in a visual conversation. Creative directors genuinely connect with our clients as people and help them solve real problems through strategic momentum.”

“Enspire integrates all workforce solutions into one access point; we design app experiences where employees gravitate to our apps to take action in work and life,” Amanda confirms. “Benefits experience higher utilization, safety drives impact and saves lives, productivity and processes improve with direct employee interaction, and leadership receives measurable results.” Employers receive unlimited access to solve communication challenges. For HR teams experiencing mergers and acquisitions, Enspire steps in to build merger and acquisition resources that employers can extend to supervisors and employees to retain key talent.

"Employers want employees empowered not just to make decisions, but also to have resources needed to take actions that drive impact"

Enspire is driving impressive results. By integrating telehealth, Enspire helped employees access a doctor from the safety of home and a large school district was able to triple the number of telehealth calls. Another Enspire client integrated narrow networks with Enspire and experienced 80 percent increase in utilization and significant savings for employees and the employer. By using their app during an acquisition, Enspire helped HR gain the respect of the new CEO and executive leaders. Enspire consistently improves Employee Assistance Program (EAP) utilization for mental wellbeing initiatives and improved EAP utilization by more than 4x per year. Enspire Safety advancements in mobile gained global recognition within the energy industry. And beyond Enspire, Enspire’s clients continue to win awards nationwide for their advancements in employee communication.

Enspire Your Employees

“Enspire promotes itself as being the leading digital workforce platform for employee engagement. As a client and end-user, they have consistently delivered on this promise. More importantly, Enspire has taken the extra effort to build a true partnership to ensure our organization is always effectively engaging, connecting, and communicating with our workforce as efficiently as possible. I highly recommend Enspire to any organization regardless of size or industry,” says Adam Worley, Director of HSE at Apergy.

Riding on its impressive wave of success, Enspire continues to achieve new milestones and partner with innovative thought leaders nationwide to drive real employee engagement. The company’s future amid a booming demand in the market is stronger than ever. Enspire has recently hit over three million engagements and looks optimistic about continuing this rapid growth. While employee engagement is finally taking center stage in the business world, it’s more important than ever for employers to have a depth of relationship with their employees and help them feel a purpose in their work.

Employers seeking true employee engagement, look no further than Enspire!
- Hanna Wilson
    March 12, 2020
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Austin, TX

Amanda Wiles, CEO

Enspire is among the leading digital workforce platform that focuses on employee engagement. The innovative women-owned business is changing the HR industry through its passionate team of communication experts and patented engagement intelligence technology solutions. Enspire provides a firm with the solutions and team to integrate all the employee resources into a native app based around the firm’s brand identity. Enspire’s content management engine and engagement intelligence curates relevant information on a personalized basis to provide the employees with easy access to resources they need. In this way, Enspire offers a comprehensive platform that reflects personalized employee experiences, thereby accentuating a company’s voice