Fond: The Comprehensive Employee Engagement Suite

Taro Fukuyama, CEO & Co-founder, FondTaro Fukuyama, CEO & Co-founder
“Take care of your employees, and they will take care of the company for you.” Harmonious workplaces tend to bring out the best in employees in terms of productivity, retention, and motivation. Companies are only as good as their employees and making sure they’re properly engaged pays big dividends in the long run. For many enterprises, achieving positive outcomes forged by effective employee engagement turns out to be challenging. Average employee tenure continues to decline across many industry verticals amidst an increasing need to retain skilled experts. Though most companies understand the value of employee engagement, many are not successful at creating this engagement. Many companies struggle with this because they haven’t taken a strategic and comprehensive approach towards addressing the issue. This is where San Francisco based Fond redefines the path to employee engagement. Fond’s solutions offer a flexible and multi-pronged approach that’s proven to be as efficient as it is effective.

Fond offers an employee engagement platform designed to help companies attract, retain and motivate their workforce. Over 500 companies use its powerful platform to give recognition and rewards, gain access to exclusive corporate discounts and measure changes in engagement levels. With Fond, managers and peers can easily recognize and celebrate employees who have achieved significant milestones or gone the extra mile to uphold company values. Employees and managers use Fond’s desktop or mobile platform to write and share recognition notes, and fellow employees add their supportive and congratulatory comments on top. The manager giving recognition assigns reward points to the employee being recognized which are redeemable on Fond for a wide range of free or discounted rewards comprised of popular products, services, and experiences.

Fond’s recognition product is suitable for companies who have funded rewards programs but it also delivers a powerful experience for those who do not. Customers with unfunded programs are able to access the same recognition functionality but in this instance the points wallet and rewards selection capabilities are not activated.

Leading companies have learned that a small investment in employee engagement can pay huge dividends across the entire organization

Fond’s cloud-based platform is highly customizable such that it allows clients to create custom events, rewards, corporate discounts and points exchange rate. Fond integrates with prominent communications products such as Slack, Gmail, MSOutlook, and Salesforce and even provides a browser extension that will automatically alert the employee that they are eligible for a special discount when they’re shopping on a participating merchant’s website. Fond also provides streamlined integration with popular HRIS systems like ADP, Workday and Namely which makes set-up and ongoing program administration a breeze. The platform’s analytics dashboard seamlessly tracks program ROI via a robust analytics offering and tracks employee engagement levels over time.

With all these robust capabilities, Fond provides an easy-to-use, customizable and effective product to a wide range of companies. Such was the case with Sephora, a global retailer of beauty brands. Sephora deployed Fond Perks to help employees feel more appreciated at work. The outcome: 74 percent of employees felt more appreciated at work; with 45 percent of the employees reporting that they were more likely to remain in their jobs. In yet another winning instance, Washington-based dental insurance provider, Delta Dental, was able to achieve a 93 percent increase in employee recognition using the Fond Rewards product. The insurance provider’s managers and employees became more aligned with the company’s values, demonstrating a sense of ownership and better team behavior.

Taro Fukuyama, Fond’s CEO and Sunny Tsang, Chief Designer, co-founded the company in 2012. Originally known as AnyPerk, the company was rebranded as Fond in 2017 to better match its broader footprint in the employee engagement space. Fond is backed by prominent VC firms including DCM and Y Combinator. Looking forward, the company plans to incorporate new features designed to make the product experience richer and more social for employees and enhancements that make life easier for program administrators.