Madison: Redefining the Power of Social Recognition

Alex M. Alaminos, Managing Director, MadisonAlex M. Alaminos, Managing Director Successful leaders in today’s business world recognize a prime factor–the wheel of success is not steered by the customers or spiking profits, but by the employee’s dedication for their organizations. The importance of employee engagement, which is defined as the emotional and functional commitment of an employee to the organization, cannot be overlooked anymore. Inadequate feedback structures, inept incentive programs or a working environment that doesn’t consort with the latest trends of mobility or Bring Your Own Device often discourages employees from working at their full potential. To help organizations drive performance and maintain a seamless employee engagement, New York based Madison has deployed its ‘Maestro’—a proprietary cloud based SaaS Employee Recognition solution designed to guide and reinforce behaviors that drive results, mobilize employees, strategically align individuals with company values and objectives, and solve an organization’s ever changing business issues.

“Our 40 years of experience in the employee engagement landscape has given us the right lessons to build recognition programs that offer frequent employee appreciation and reward structures, which can promote productivity across a wide range of workers,” highlights Alex M. Alaminos, Managing Director at Madison. Maestro revolutionizes the way a company’s portfolio of reward programs can be leveraged. Its ability to configure everything from objective setting, to communications and reward offerings-without the need for IT-support is groundbreaking on a new level.

Investing in People-an Investment of a Lifetime

Recognition programs are fast becoming a major strategy for employee engagement and retention. Multibillion dollar organizations are realizing the importance of investing in their employees by initiating programs, forged to make the workforce motivated and inspired. Starbucks’ recent proposal to render online college degree for its employees including interns is a perfect example of this. It is an instance of high risk taking, yet one that’s calculated. Because in return, they are building a fan base among college graduate prospects, and anyone can bet they would serve the organization well, however long their stint is. Madison enables organizations to build such productive programs with the help of Maestro and its approaches. “People-related expenditures are investments, and in a talent dependent economy, the effectiveness of any reward or recognition programs will be driven by the sponsoring company’s ability to track, monitor, and sometimes redirect their activities to drive better outcomes,” says Alaminos. With Maestro, organizations can easily assess transactional data sets within the employee’s engagement programs so they can formulate an actionable game plan to keep employees highly committed.
“Organizations can also shape their attitudes towards processes and procedures, building practical competencies and driving behaviors in ways that support specific business functions,” adds Alaminos.

The real-time analysis in the topic here not only generates reports but also allows organizations to spot patterns and relationships. With this, multitude of unanswered questions can be put to rest with the dexterity of Maestro. How a manager’s reward structure is different from other managers? Can more recognition in one sector help close the gap? If so, where and to what level? The reliable and resilient visual insights provided by our cloud software enable customers to control or redirect the impact their reward and recognition investments can have on their business. “Maestro makes companies more prepared to take advantage of emerging opportunities, or defend their territory against their counterparts,” underlines Alaminos.

Imbuing Motivation and Inspiration in Workforce.

Configurability is the keystone to the success of any SaaS social recognition solution, like Maestro. “But it is the spectrum of configurable options within Maestro that offers multiple benefits for our clients’ businesses,” says Alaminos. The presence of various options in Maestro is kindled by the multi-tenant application known as a single code base. “It boosts faster deployment of inspiration programs for the workers at a lower upfront cost,” adds Alaminos. The SaaS platform also leverages emerging motivational and recognition methods like gamification, which encourages employees in fun and interactive ways. Badges, quizzes, and surveys fall under this approach. Here, the intentions are to make individuals confident and successful about themselves. To do this vehemently, program interactions, cultural alignment, and enterprise education are brought as epicenter—it inspires knowledge sharing, drives discretionary contributions, promotes learning, and accelerates the adoption of important business processes.

Maestro boosts faster deployment of inspiration programs for the workers, at a lower upfront cost

“At Madison, we strongly believe that discretionary, activity-based initiatives, such as Safety and Wellness, should also be integral components of the recognition offering,” says Alaminos. Presence of such gambit encourages employees to focus on personal wellness and adhere to safety protocols; in doing so, can yield significant cost-savings for organizations.

Achieving the Most Valuable Business Commodity: Trust

As the company that confer cloud based employee engagement software—measuring the value of working environment, assessing data, and showcasing the results in real time Madison has learned various aspects of business in its journey. However, one thing that the company has found that exceeds above all is that, “We are in the people business. And the willingness to be transparent and available for customers always pays in high returns,” says Alaminos.
Keeping the people as its primacy has allowed Madison to give the best customer satisfaction and manifest commendable employee and client retention rate in the industry. “We provide a dedicated team of recognition, software and e-Commerce experts to our clients who ensure designed programs run at peak performance,” adds Alaminos. Numerous organizations across the world have invested their trust in the principles of Madison and capabilities of its services.

A global services company once knocked the doors of Madison, when the firm needed a recognition solution that could reduce attrition and increase employee engagement. The client had highly motivated professionals, but the unique demands of its business model were straining their employees’ sense of connection to the group. Using a combination of manager-associates, and peer-to-peer recognition devices, a solution was designed to commemorate the importance of individual and team based contributions. The tool also helped promote shared values, exchange best practices/innovations, and reinforce a high level of “mutuality” in every employee interaction. With a highly diverse workforce, Madison knew that the program needed to speak to each of its workers in a highly personalized manner if it was to have the desired impact. Madison segmented the eligible population through a series of pertinent variables—location, job codes, current assignment, team association—and documented their goals, success stories, and the aggregate user experience. It was relevant to ameliorate an individual’s role in the firm. With Madison at their back, the client significantly reduced the attrition rates and surged their engagement scores at an annual average of 12 percent. It was also discovered that 93 percent of employees rated the program structure as an “excellent” tool to bring high performers in the spotlight.

"We provide a dedicated team of recognition, software and e-Commerce experts to our clients who ensure designed programs run at peak performance"

Meeting the Requirements of Tomorrow’s Workforce

Madison is well positioned in the marketplace and excited about the evolution of Maestro, and its adoption in the emerging marketplace and for facing the challenges of tomorrow. Madison has employed a disciplined system for gaining feedbacks that includes Quarterly Business Review (QBR) as well as assessing the end user experience. “The feedbacks is then compiled and scrutinized for common market needs, weighed against competitive market offerings, and strategize the product roadmap,” says Alaminos. On the flipside, Madison will also keep a close eye on the future technologies and practices that will help the company to stay ahead of their game. This includes enhancing the ability of Maestro to integrate with third party solutions such as SAP HR ERP on premise, Success Factors, SalesForce, PeopleSoft HR, and Oracle HR. “Our next development phase of our BI suite will provide clients with a broader scope of data which can be leveraged towards employee performance reviews, and industry and vertical recognition insight,” concludes Alaminos. “We intend to make our clients and ourselves explore new frontiers and reach new heights in the coming days. And we will leave no stone unturned to accomplish this.”
- Gerard Hall
    January 20, 2016