Marketing Innovators: Empowering Employees for Business Excellence

Rick Blabolil, President, Marketing InnovatorsRick Blabolil, President
Owing to the intense global competition, companies readily buy the idea that their most valuable asset is their people—the human capital—and any plans to evolve their business have to start there. Rick Blabolil, the President of Marketing Innovators (MI) strongly believes that great experiences at work reflect in motivation and engagement in every interaction employees have with their customers. To help companies create such great experiences at every touchpoint of employees’ journey, MI delivers people performance management (PPM) Suite™, a reward and recognition platform that enables clients to select the most appropriate functionality for their program needs and bring out the best in every employee. The company leverages its four-decade-long expertise in employee engagement and experience delivery to collaborate with clients on a plan based on employee recruitment, recognition, incentives, loyalty, and anniversary, and act as a powerful motivator throughout their career.

MI’s PPM Suite acts as a single-source platform to manage all employee programs within an organization. The platform initially captures the various kinds of initiatives an employee engages in from the time of hiring to their retirement— rewards, social recognition, and incentives throughout their years of service. It performs in-depth analysis of the onboarding process, the way new policies and procedures are introduced, gamification of tools for employee engagement, and the process of rewarding and recognition for every department. The PPM Suite works toward understanding the various complexities within the organizational departments and presents it in the simplest form for the employees to have a clear and common vision of the organization’s goals. “We always strive to design platforms from the customer point of view,” says Blabolil. MI also offers a lite version of the platform that reduces the complexities, time, and coordination required to deploy the perfect PPM solution for smaller organizations.
As organizations are pressured to do more with less, the incremental enhancements of the tool give time-challenged organizations a technology solution that provides data and allows managing reward and recognition programs in a seamless fashion.

Our SMEs breakdown the existing processes used to accomplish a particular job, and setup ways to measure and redirect processes so that they can be more effective

In addition to its wide array of recognition, incentives, engagement, and loyalty programs, MI’s latest offerings include MIGiftCard™, a disbursement platform that allows fast payouts for customers by eliminating the use of manual paper-based forms. It also allows clients to provide a reloadable branded card to the customer—allowing for company brand expansion as well as multiple referral award payouts. The company also offers aMIGiftCard™ reward code program that delivers real-time codes in bulk or individual delivery. Recipients of the reward code can redeem for popular e-gift cards from merchants such as Amazon, iTunes, and Starbucks. The program allows for ease of distribution for admins and takes the liability of having live gift cards in a desk drawer off the table.

Having worked with various technology manufacturers, MI comprises a team of SMEs that help manufacturers with their direct and indirect sales. “Our SMEs breakdown the existing processes used to accomplish any particular job and set up ways to measure and redirect processes so that they can be more effective. That’s where we find ways to incentivize and recognize,” explains Blabolil. MI’s experts can also assist sales teams with definitive steps to accomplish product knowledge, lead generation, lead nurturing and closing, and create KPIs.

Although MI’s client base includes several Fortune 500 companies, the company primarily caters to the underserved mid-sized organizations. MI is constantly addressing the needs and requirements of their existing clients to provide them with additional features and functionality through incremental upgrades. “We also look forward to tapping into opportunities for strong partnerships and strategic alliances,” concludes Blabolil.