MyEmployees: Kaizen and the Art of Employer/ Employee Relations

Adam Tartt, COO, MyEmployeesAdam Tartt, COO
What began in 1989 as a one man operation making “Employee of the Month” plaques has evolved into a provider of employer/ employee relationship services designed to do more than just give a pat on the back. This was due to a strategic shift in needs of the marketplace and bolstered by the company’s philosophy.

“As a company, we had to make a decision. Are we just going to be the big player in the recognition space or are we really going to step up and add the type of value our clients deserve and truly need?” recalls Adam Tartt, COO of MyEmployees. Fast forward, MyEmployees has evolved into a cutting-edge data and analysis company that adds value to the employer/ employee relationship through education, recognition, and leadership development.

To make this leap, MyEmployees teamed up with a group of I/O psychologists and developed an employee assessment solution that allows employers to get honest, anonymous feedback. In turn, this gives the leader insight into how engaged his or her employees are. In addition to recognition, the program, called STAR Culture, includes employee feedback and leadership training, complete with videos and workbooks. Employers learn how to build relationships and encourage positive behavior. Each account has a personal engagement coach that guides the manager through the entire process.

“MyEmployees provides executives the ability to look at both micro and macro data: looking at each individual unit engagement source as well as aggregate information across the chain,” adds Tartt. A corporation can know that the company as a whole is improving every year, and pinpoint areas that still need work.

A success story Mr. Tartt shared involved a large hospitality company that faced issues including high employee turnover and poor guest satisfaction scores.

MyEmployees provides executives the ability to look at each individual unit engagement source as well as aggregate information across the chain

MyEmployees developed a solution combining employee recognition and STAR Culture, and implemented it across the organization.

This company quickly saw dramatic increases in customer satisfaction scores, which highly correlated to profitability and repeat revenue. Also, the company culture changed. In just the first six months of implementing STAR Culture, they saw a 4-point increase in their engagement score. “That’s a huge move, when you’re talking about changing the look and feel of the atmosphere within an organization,” he says.

MyEmployees practices what they preach. “We try to teach the companies that we do business with the same type of philosophy that has lead to our success,” says Tartt. This company philosophy is based upon Kaizen—the Japanese term in essence meaning “continuous improvement.”

One way they do this is through a program CEO and best-selling author David Long created called Book Club. Time is set aside every week, that employees are paid for, to spend reading a book together as a company; then, once a week they meet to discuss. These are not “How To” books related to work, but focus more on spiritual growth or personal well-being and happiness. “We know as the individual improves as a person, they will also improve as an employee, and add value to our organization,” says Tartt.

MyEmployees is in development with a company to add employee training to their solutions, incorporating the general idea of Book Club, set to roll out mid-2017. “We understand Book Club may not work for every organization. But what is important is for a manager to understand the importance of the employee always improving and making that investment in them,” he concludes.