Planbox: Ushering an Inclusive and Collaborative Workplace Culture

Ludwig Melik, CEO, PlanboxLudwig Melik, CEO
The mindset of today’s millennial employees is shifting from the mundane like heading to work, putting in an eight-hour shift, and returning home, to focusing more on workplace happiness and work-life blend. Gone are the days of sitting mindlessly through a shift; employees now want to be engaged with their workplace. Realizing this, every organization is committed to creating a surefire culture of engagement, one that attracts the best talent and makes people want to stay with the company for a longer term.

However, as the age of innovation dawns upon organizations, the traditional methods of conducting haphazard surveys, periodic performance reviews, and general suggestion boxes are becoming incapable of remediating today’s workplace challenges of shrinking attention spans, high workforce mobility, and global competition for talent. Addressing the changing workplace requirements with new employee engagement strategies, Montreal-based Planbox has attained a leading role in the AI-driven collaborative HR solutions marketplace. To impact employee turnover rates and their productivity, Planbox focuses on driving an inclusive and collaborative culture that makes innovation an individual responsibility of everyone in the organization. By focusing on a challenge-driven approach to collaborating creatively, organizations focus on soliciting conversations that are centered around their business objectives.

Ludwig Melik, CEO of Planbox, explains, “While many organizations have enormous amounts of data in various structured and unstructured forms, they are not able to determine how to discover or use the data to the organization’s advantage due to a lack of expertise and time to analyze the vast amounts of data and its siloed nature.”
Planbox utilizes advanced search, machine learning, and natural language processing to help organizations navigate through this data storm. “Our patent-pending, industry-first, AI-powered Self Driving Innovation (SDI) technology gives customers the ability to configure multiple data streams to constantly be on the lookout for context-specific information,” says Melik. Using this curated information, Planbox then automatically creates a challenge for a focused area using this information, and groups employees based on their personal or professional traits, interests, and other attributes and empowers them to collaborate with mentors— using a Netflix-inspired idea panel interface—to share information, identify insights and opportunities, and find a solution as “one” team.

Planbox platform also features a comprehensive gamification engine that tracks and can reward any user action. The system can implement basic or advanced gamification models which allow users to accumulate badges, levels, or points based on their innovation activity and collaborate through Planbox. This information can be then be pushed into performance review and reward management systems. Rewards and recognition are tangible proof to participants that their input and collaboration is valuable to the organization. By incorporating the right gamification model, it not only validates the individual’s and team’s effort, but also goes a long way in building trust and motivating a larger participant community.

The uniqueness of Planbox’s approach can be further substantiated through its numerous successful implementations. Grupo Familia, a global company specializing in personal care and hygiene products, started utilizing Planbox to allow their employees to participate in the company’s innovation activity. Initially, 2,500 users, most of whom are Grupo Familia’s employees, had access to the innovation management system. However, seeing the huge success of this model, the company now intends to invite its suppliers as well to contribute to their future crowd-sourcing and open innovation activities.

Currently, Planbox is focused on tightly integrating AI and automation so that they can bring superior value to their clients and ensure collaboration is structured, focused, and purposeful throughout the entire agile work innovation funnel. Moving ahead, the company intends to introduce more ground-breaking functionalities to let organizations quantify the value generated from their employee engagement campaigns, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and workforce productivity efforts.