TalentKeepers: Research-Based Employee Engagement Solutions

Christopher P. Mulligan, CEO , TalentKeepersChristopher P. Mulligan, CEO
“Engagement and retention are crucial elements of a high performing organization,” observes Christopher P. Mulligan, CEO, TalentKeepers. Since 2000, this employee engagement and retention solutions provider has focused exclusively on enhancing the productivity and profitability of organizations through increasing employee engagement and retention. Through years of research and working with thousands of clients, TalentKeepers understands the key drivers for employees to join, stay, or leave their organizations. They have conducted the longest, continuously run employee engagement study, Workplace AmericaSM for 14 years. Hundreds of organizations participate in this annual research on employee engagement and retention trends. TalentKeepers develops award-winning solutions based on this research to help organizations engage and retain their employees longer.

Engaged employees give discretionary effort in their roles, going beyond is normally required. “It’s not just a human resources initiative, it’s a business imperative,” Mulligan says. He cites a multitude of data published in the last decade that show a highly engaged workforce drives increases in key business metrics such as productivity, safety, customer service, sales and profitability.

There are four key drivers of employee engagement: credible leadership, supportive co-workers, job and career satisfaction, and a high performing organization. TalentKeepers offer a suite of software solutions that allow organizations to measure their effectiveness in each of these areas. The solutions identify areas of opportunities to improve and provide online action planning tools to track and measure success. TalentKeepers’ experienced team of consultants work with each client to develop and implement successful engagement initiatives. “For over 18 years, we have worked with leading organizations of all sizes and have observed the positive impacts of our solution-set. As a result, our clients stay with us for many years,” Mulligan adds.
The fact that some of TalentKeepers’ clients that came on board a decade ago are still active speaks volumes about the company’s determination to meet diverse requirements of each organization and build long-lasting relationships.

TalentKeepers has identified leveraging leaders as the quickest method of increasing engagement. “The immediate leader is the lens through which each employee sees the organization,” explains Mulligan. TalentKeepers offers a solution to assess a leader’s ability to engage each of their employees and training to develop leaders in 11 key competencies such as trust, communication, and coaching. They also offer online access to continuing education focused on engagement and retention best practices to their clients.

We offer organizations award-winning tools to increase performance through better employee engagement and retention

Mulligan cites a case study that best illustrates the effectiveness of their solutions. TalentKeepers partnered with one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies to build a systemic approach to identify retention and engagement drivers and implement a process to leverage the influence front-line leaders have on employee’s decisions to stay or leave. In less than 1 year, attrition in the market with the highest attrition rate dropped 38 basis points. As attrition dropped, sales performance increased to one of the best in the region. Encouraged by this success the company expanded the program and over a period of three years went from worst to first in the J D Power customer service ranking.

TalentKeepers solutions are completely mobile-optimized for accessibility and ease of participation. They are continuously developing solutions to be more agile in a market trending toward shorter but more frequent surveys. “We aim to equip organizations with tools that will enable them to engage their employees and retain them longer,” Mulligan notes.

The first step in implementing an employee engagement solution is to identify the organization’s needs, beginning with what operations metrics they are trying to improve. “Our clients truly value engagement as another lever they can use to drive overall business performance,” Mulligan concludes.