The Coffman Organization: Making Your Engagement Strategy-Engaging

Dr. Kathie Sorensen, Founding Partner, Selection & Development, The Coffman OrganizationDr. Kathie Sorensen, Founding Partner, Selection & Development
A brand’s success is a reflection of the culture that it is driven by. In turn, the work culture is all about engaging the workforce in a personalized manner, providing them the avenues and the opportunities to build successful teams. It goes without saying that employee engagement in the workplace is key to improved sales, profitability, employee retention, and even safety.

Having these ideas as core values, seasoned human resource specialists, Curt Coffman and Dr. Kathie Sorensen co-founded The Coffman Organization with the aim to help companies foster a healthy work culture. The Coffman provides many online survey tools, enabling individuals, team managers, and executives glean critical insights about employees and build synergy.

Sitting at the intersection of culture and business is The Coffman’s survey tool, the NEXUS Experience™. Unlike other employee survey tools in the market that throw surveys into oblivion, NEXUS brings back insights about employees to the stakeholders within days. Taking only minutes to complete a survey, the tool delivers a personal insight report to every employee quickly. The report details the best practices for employees to explore their talent and it also bears information on what kind of work culture will bring out the best in them. These insights on an individual basis are also shared with respective team managers, thereby allowing teams to have a better understanding of the team and get an idea of each other’s motivations.

“We cater to the whole lifecycle of employee engagement, providing a secure communication channel to gain access to accurate data from a strategic point of view,” says Dr. Kathie. “This approach allows us to deliver managers relevant employee information consistently, enabling them to share their ideas and build an agenda to enhance team performance. Call it ‘drip learning’ or ‘learning pills,’ these nuggets of information that we provide are certain to strike the right chord with individuals and the management alike.” The Coffman helps teams shed their inhibitions and play an active role in both personal and organizational growth via a sharing and learning continuum.

Call it ‘drip learning’ or ‘learning pills,’ these nuggets of information that we provide are certain to strike the right chord with individuals and the management alike

Curt Coffman, Founding Partner & Chief Science Officer, The Coffman OrganizationCurt Coffman, Founding Partner & Chief Science Officer
The company’s tools help in leadership decision making, employee onboarding, and training.

Adding credence to NEXUS is the firm’s exit survey process, NEXUS-Exit™, which helps in identifying why people are leaving an organization and what is their main concern, thereby increasing the retention rate. Rather than having managers scrutinize just the data that they obtain from people, The Coffman wants organizations to create strategies anew and talk to their employees, develop relationships, and create a vibrant working environment. With such rich portfolio of tools, the company is helping a wide array of organizations, including Red Bull, Western Union, and firms from all industries, to overcome their employee engagement shortcomings.

Overall, in the journey of helping companies achieve the right employee engagement strategy, The Coffman believes that it’s not about numbers, but about reaching out to people and creating an open environment to share viewpoints and grow together. It is The Coffman’s ability to turnaround valuable information from the surveys that set them apart in the market. Setting the tone for companies to turn into brands, The Coffman empowers them to completely re-engineer their employee engagement process, transforming survey reports into strategies. “To sum it up, we make engagement strategy—engaging,” ends Coffman.