Xceleration: Fostering a Culture of Employee Recognition

Top 10 Employee Engagement Consulting/Service Companies – 2020

There is no denying the fact that employee engagement is a serious game-changer for businesses. In a highly complex market, fraught with rising attrition rates, retaining employees is already critical. Add to that a young, vibrant millennial workforce that is hungry for various benefits and means of engagement beyond only compensation, and employee engagement becomes integral to a company’s long-term profitability.

Today, there are numerous ways in which organizations can build their constituency of engaged employees. The easiest one is to create a culture that fosters continuous development and helps workers build the skills they need to do their jobs. Fortunately, a considerable training budget is not necessary to create a meaningful development program. At the same time, HR leaders can help maximize the effectiveness of coaching by counseling managers not to cancel one-on-one coaching sessions and, if necessary, to reschedule them as soon as possible rather than letting them slide. This reinforces an organization’s commitment to its workforce.

Yet another simple way to help employees care more about their workplace is to foster closer connections to colleagues. In the workplace, healthy personal relationships are vital. Hence, carrying out HR sponsored events occasionally will undoubtedly make a difference. Moreover, rewards and recognition can increase employee engagement. Beyond the annual review, appraisals, and quarterly sit-downs, peer recognition, and ‘spot’ recognition programs will help boost employee morale and build the right motivation.

But, then again, employee engagement should be an ongoing effort and a daily priority for every business. Engaged employees are a competitive advantage, and a company’s best asset is its human capital. Hence, business leaders should not think twice about investing in programs and technologies that help improve employee engagement.

With a comprehensive understanding of these new developments in the workspace, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of leading employee engagement services and consulting companies to guide firms in harnessing the power of innovative technologies to tackle today’s workspace challenges. It is elaborately compiled to assist you in fostering productive partnerships and improving performance to create a collaborative working environment. This edition also blends thorough thought leadership from subject-matter experts, CHROs, and CXOs, with real-life stories on how the service companies have enhanced the capabilities of their clients.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Employee Engagement Consulting/Service Companies – 2020.”

    Top Employee Engagement Consulting/Service Companies

  • Arnowitz Culture Agency accelerates, improves and sustains business performance through employee engagement and culture programs. Arnowitz Culture Agency believes unlocking the creativity and cultural intelligence of people is the solution to motivating, and inspiring better organizational performance. ACA designs, implements and provides impact metrics for solutions in the following areas: Culture Change, Employee Engagement, Corporate Cause, Talent Management and Corporate Communications. Services include award-winning: Web/App design & development, social network technologies, social networking and media campaign services, media production, training/social learning design & development and metrics & analytics reporting programs.

  • Xceleration is an industry-leading provider of incentive and recognition solutions for companies looking to drive the performance of their employees, dealers, or customers. Having been in this industry for over two decades, Xceleration has cemented its position as a strategic partner in modern workforce motivation. The company’s ultimate objective is to design and implement full-scope recognition strategies, which enable their clients not just to meet their business objectives but exceed them. By establishing strategic relationships with new clients using RewardStation® we are poised to drive more businesses to witness and embark upon the culture of recognition.

  • McLean & Company

    McLean & Company

    McLean & Company is a research and advisory firm providing practical solutions to human resources challenges via executable research, tools and advice that have a clear and measurable impact on business. Their research team uses a rigorous research process that is used to identify and hone best practices, create practical tools, templates and policies, and supply clients with the insight and guidance of our subject matter experts. McLean & Company applies this proven research approach to both human resources and company management teams, creating complete solutions that supply the tools you need to get each project done right.

  • Morneau Shepell [TSX:MSI]

    Morneau Shepell [TSX:MSI]

    Morneau Shepell is a global human resources consulting company offering an integrated approach to meet health, benefits and retirement needs of employees. Morneau Shepell provide the tools and expertise to help organizations solve complex problems related to well-being, engagement, and financial security. Morneau Shepell delivers benefits and support programs that enhance the health, productivity and financial security of your people. Morneau Shepell’s experience, client-focused approach and innovative technology will help clients reach their goals. Through strategic HR consulting, innovative plan design and comprehensive technology solutions, the Company helps clients solve complex workforce problems, increase employee productivity, reduce costs and improve their competitive position.

  • Ace Workforce Technologies

    Ace Workforce Technologies

    Ace Workforce Technologies provides businesses with a complete human capital management solution inclusive of payroll processing, time and attendance, human resources management, benefits administration, pay per cycle worker’s compensation, learning management and employee engagement tools. Ace Workforce Technologies offers customized solutions for small to enterprise level clients to manage payroll, time and attendance, benefits, HR, ppc workers'​ comp, learning management, employee engagement and more. Their consultative approach caters to clients'​ needs, to deliver the unparalleled service at the best price.

  • Benevity


    Benevity, Inc., a certified B Corporation, is a global leader in corporate social responsibility and employee engagement software, including online giving, matching, volunteering and community investment. The Benevity Goodness Platform helps brands bring their social mission to life with technology to build a positive workplace culture, amplify the impact of corporate giving, and power pro-social brand engagement. Brings fresh eyes to the strategy, approach, and program for helping enterprises discover opportunities to meet unique employee engagement goals, realize specific business out comes, and make a bigger social impacts.

  • CultureIQ


    CultureIQ is a global culture management company that helps organizations drive competitive advantage by aligning culture with business goals. Powered by industry-leading strategists, flexible technology, and a validated research framework, the CultureIQ offering makes what’s good for people good for business. The journey to CultureIQ is a tale of two cultures. The first, a world-renowned research and consulting organization. The other, a modern technology company providing a flexible platform to measure and activate culture. What both had in common was they believed culture was essential to strategy. Today, CultureIQ is a leading culture management company– creating exceptional client experiences and proving culture is a competitive advantage.

  • KMC Incentives

    KMC Incentives

    KMC is a full service Performance Improvement and Recognition Company. We can handle as much or as little Program Administration as necessary. From program design to program Tracking, Measuring and Reporting to Program Reward Fulfillment. KMC partners with professional and experienced staff to provide quality program design, administration, tracking, measuring, reporting and program reward fulfillment. Employee Recognition programs provided by KMC improves employee’s performance, boosts morale and desired behaviors, reduces turnover, increases productivity, encourages teamwork and reinforce corporate values.

  • Logical Design Solutions

    Logical Design Solutions

    Logical Design Solutions is a digital strategy and design consultancy for the enterprise that has helped market leaders realize their most important business and people strategies through technological innovation. LDS create experiences that transform business and help people succeed in the new digital organization. The purpose of LDS is to help large organizations operationalize their digital transformation for every employee. Their work is focused on the win-win outcome – where business performance is elevated, and where people feel valued and empowered in their work. Clients come to LDS because of their reputation for intellectual rigor, our foundation in visionary experience strategy, and our commitment to enabling digital transformation for businesses.

  • Tyfoom


    Tyfoom is a world class productivity, training, and communication platform. Their proprietary techniques enhance learning, retention, and job performance. Their simple to use system allows you to deliver consistent training and communication from top to bottom with full accountability and visibility. Any process or information that needs trained or communicated can be delivered and documented via Tyfoom. Tyfoom’s patent pending platform reduces company liability and increases employee safety and production – making Tyfoom the most productive and simple training and communication platform in the world.