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Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Companies - 2021

Employee engagement is vital to building a successful business and its importance in the workplace cannot be understated. Therefore, to experience growth in business and simultaneously create a positive workplace, HR managers are constantly evaluating the trends around employee engagement.

Today, embracing flexibility has become a highlight in the employee engagement space. Due to the ‘new normal,’ most job functions do not require employees to be physically present at work every day. And to make work as smooth as possible with this decentralized working style, organizations are relying on cloud-based employee engagement solutions.

To bring the dispersed and isolated workforce together, internal communication apps have taken a pole position. One of the factors that make such communication apps so favorable is their impressive reach. These apps have also opened up communication channels between non-desk workers and helped to break down the barriers in employee engagement. The immediacy of these apps has also proved highly practical in the current working climate. HR leaders have found an increased demand for time-specific, often instantaneous messaging. Instant notifications have become a must-have specification of employee engagement solutions and apps.

The shift to digital has also become necessary to create a sense of belonging amongst a scattered workforce. By providing employees’ a social space where they can chat and share, the employee engagement apps help restore the workplace culture in these turbulent times.

At this juncture, many employee engagement solution providers and consulting companies are entering the domain with advanced and integrated offerings. To help the HR sector strengthen its operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top employee engagement solution providers and consulting companies. The list comprises prominent organizations in the industry that address issues pertinent to the HR sector by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CXOs.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers – 2021.”

    Employee Engagement Solutions Companies

  • Click Boarding is an intuitive, mobile-first solution that has revolutionized the onboarding experience for candidates and businesses alike. The company ensures their clients can deliver enhanced employee experience across the entire journey from onboarding and HR activities to major employee events and offboarding. Employees want to learn about the company’s culture and their new team. They want to understand what they should expect during their first week. When and if they return to an office, they need to know where to go and where to park. Most importantly, they want it in a mobile-friendly medium that’s intuitive and easy to access

  • On a mission to empower deskless employees, Deskless Workers built RemoteForce, a content publishing and communications platform designed to help businesses effectively manage their deskless workforce. The RemoteForce employee management system allows leaders to seamlessly communicate with employees, receive valuable feedback, assign tasks in real-time, and even hold them accountable in getting the job done. It helps employees find the perfect balance between valuable content and productivity and provides a toolset that can help companies measure and improve employee engagement

  • Offers solutions using AI to help employees with their personal development , performance, engagement, well-being, and mental health

  • A Fort Worth, TX-based HR company, Inspirus, helps organizations develop recognition solutions and services to support their company goals and foster deeper connections with their people. Through its technology and integrated solutions, the firm elevates the employee experience and optimizes organizational culture. Inspirus’ offerings enable companies to motivate their multigenerational workforce through one point of interaction for everyone—employees, managers, and administrators—continuing a decades-long mission to bring joy to work, one experience at a time. Inspirus is an industry leader in employee engagement and recognition. For more than 100 years, their innovation has empowered over 350 market-leading companies to use rewards and recognition to enhance their employee experience

  • Aspect Software

    Aspect Software

    Aspect is on a mission to simplify and improve customer engagement. Our large-enterprise contact center software is used by millions of agents every year and supports billions of consumer interactions around the world. Flexible, highly scalable, best-of-breed applications for self-service, live contact management and workforce optimization help companies keep agents engaged while providing exceptional customer service experiences. Available on-premises or in your choice of hosted, private or public cloud environment

  • Calabrio


    Calabrio is the customer experience intelligence company that empowers organizations to enrich human interactions. The scalability of our cloud platform allows for quick deployment of remote work models—and it gives our customers precise control over both operating costs and customer satisfaction levels. Our AI-driven analytics tools make it easy for contact centers to uncover customer sentiment and share compelling insights with other parts of the organization. Customers choose Calabrio because we understand their needs and provide a best-in-class experience, from implementation to ongoing support

  • Enspire


    Enspire is a custom branded employer app and communication platform for your employees. We provide the technology and team to integrate your brand identity and a unique and personalized experience for each one of your team members through analysis of data, benefits, seasons and trends. From health and social to career and finances, our comprehensive solution amplifies your brand's voice

  • Jacada


    Jacada Inc. helps enterprises significantly reduce costs of their customer service operations by deploying automation solutions and contextual bots. From guiding the contact center agents and automating their manual tasks to fully automated self-service solutions, Jacada automates interactions while improving customer experience. Our 27 years of experience in automating customer service processes for global enterprises, together with proven outcome-focused integration capabilities, enable worry-free deployments with lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • LeggUP


    At LeggUP, we believe career development and mental well-being programs should be accessible to any employee with a desire to grow. That’s why we created the first career health employee benefits platform to unlock potential of employees previously unavailable to HR and talent leaders. Say farewell to traditional assessments, executive-exclusive pricing, and limited insights. LeggUP matches employees with world-class coaches and therapists utilizing science-backed assessments and proprietary software created by our in-house PhDs. Together, they’ll effectively tackle some of the 40 key leadership dimensions like Learning Agility, Growth Mindset, and Emotional Intelligence, positively impacting their productivity and wellbeing for a symbiotic professional and personal life

  • WellRight


    WellRight powers over 500 corporate wellness programs with its flexible and fun-to-use software. Offering all the essentials (health risk assessment, fitness device integration, pre-built challenge library, health coaching, claims data analysis, biometrics, and a rewards engine), WellRight’s customizable design lets employers tailor these features so they can deliver wellness programs that are relevant to employees. This approach to corporate wellness helps organizations build a better culture and a better business while employees create healthy habits