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Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Companies - 2020

The value of engaged employees is undeniable. Companies with happy and engaged employees are more productive and are known to outperform their non-engaged counterparts. Yet, experts are reporting that only about 34 percent of the U.S. workers and 15 percent of worldwide employees consider themselves to be fully engaged at work. There are many factors at play that impede meaningful engagement. These include organizational tumult, distrust of managers, job market unease, and a lack of cohesion among workers and teams.

Now, improving employee engagement is complex terrain. Businesses often flounder when it comes to defining concrete employee engagement strategies. This is where technology plays its part and makes a genuine difference by offering HR teams with pragmatic add-ons, real-time solutions, and carefully planned engagement methodologies.

Collaboration tools, for example, help employers allow their workforce to communicate with each other, share ideas, and collaborate better— no matter where they are located. Another essential technology is the project management software, which makes it easier for managers and leaders to assign projects and assignments to employees and track their progress. These platforms also provide HR teams meaningful insights about employee productivity and efficiency, giving them clear guidance in creating programs designed to boost employee engagement.

Gamification is another promising technology that is bringing about a change in the workplace. While it may not be as hot of a topic in the business world as it was a few years ago, many businesses continue to see improved productivity and engagement when using gamified solutions. At the same time, companies can implement robust employee recognition tools to drive engagement, as well. Recognition not only boosts individual employee engagement but is also known to increase productivity and loyalty to the company, leading to higher retention.

Employee engagement is not something that can be achieved overnight. It takes effort, commitment, and inventive strategies to produce happy, satisfied, and loyal employees that will help an organization succeed.

With a comprehensive understanding of these new developments, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 employee engagement solution providers to guide firms in harnessing the power of innovative technologies to tackle today’s workspace challenges. We hope this edition of HR Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a collaborative working environment.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Employee Engagement Solution Companies

  • DailyPay empowers companies and their employees to succeed through an efficient daily pay solution that goes beyond financial wellness

  • Enspire is among the leading digital workforce platform that focuses on employee engagement. The innovative women-owned business is changing the HR industry through its passionate team of communication experts and patented engagement intelligence technology solutions. Enspire provides a firm with the solutions and team to integrate all the employee resources into a native app based around the firm’s brand identity. Enspire’s content management engine and engagement intelligence curates relevant information on a personalized basis to provide the employees with easy access to resources they need. In this way, Enspire offers a comprehensive platform that reflects personalized employee experiences, thereby accentuating a company’s voice

  • WellRight powers over 300 corporate wellness programs with its flexible and fun-to-use software. Offering all the essentials (health risk assessment, fitness device integration, pre-built challenge library, health coaching, claims data analysis, biometrics, and a rewards engine), WellRight’s customizable design lets employers tailor these features so they can deliver wellness programs that are relevant to employees

  • Energage


    Through its unified employee engagement platform, Energage enables its customers to successfully recruit and retain the right talent for their organization by developing, maintaining, and branding their unique culture. The Energage platform enables the firms to gain recognition and enhance brand awareness using the industry’s most credible employee engagement survey solutions. It combines an employee survey trusted by thousands of Top Workplaces every year with the most advanced AI survey analysis tools that can offer a business the data and insights it needs to retain the best talent. The platform also allows the firms to create custom surveys and establishes employee communication as well. Energage also facilitates recruiting and retaining the right talent

  • Hyphen


    Hyphen has emerged as a leading employee engagement solution provider. Hyphen aids the leaders in identifying opportunities, collect honest feedback from employees, and prioritize the actions that enhance employee engagement and trust. Firms can use Hyphen’s research-based library with 100+ benchmarked questions to compare with their own enterprise practices. Hyphen’s platform also allows the firms to launch surveys at any phase in the employee lifecycle. Such surveys can be used by the firms to gather continuous employee-based information and feedback from pre-hire to retire phase. Further, Hyphen insights analyze conversations and help the leaders to improve employee engagement

  • Madison


    Madison is an industry-leading employee recognition solution provider that enables workforce engagement anytime, anywhere. The company believes that its technology and methodologies transform behavior, attitudes, and culture within organizations. Madison aims to help mobilize workforces worldwide by designing and deploying effective, flexible, and robust programs. It is committed to providing exceptional solutions that satisfy each of its client's unique needs. Madison supports its clients' business objectives and delivers results through programs powered by its technology, which is designed to transform global workforces and drive engaging multi-generational employee initiatives

  • SyncHR


    SyncHR is one of the pioneering providers of employee engagement solutions and a Human Capital Management (HCM) technology leader streamlining HR, benefits, and payroll management with a cloud-based solution. The company's HCM platform mitigates expenses and saves time by making centralized, interrelated data easy to access and analyze through its intuitive platform. Committed to making premium functionality affordable, SyncHR is the only HCM technology provider delivering an affordable, modern, enterprise-worthy HCM platform for mid-sized businesses. It provides enterprise-class benefit management so that businesses stay compliant, efficient, and ahead of the curve

  • TalentKeepers


    TalentKeepers is a global leader in employee engagement and retention solutions. Through original research and pioneering products, the company has helped share today's knowledge and understanding of why workers choose to stay, what drives them away, and what can energize people to work hard and perform better. TalentKeepers provides actionable data about employees and leaders, builds knowledge and develops skills in leaders, and, unique to RetentionWorks, actively involves front-line employees in boosting retention and engagement. TalentKeepers ensures a sustainable and positive focus on keeping valued employees and energizing their performance

  • The Coffman Organization

    The Coffman Organization

    The pioneering provider of workplace solutions, The Coffman Organization, helps businesses across the globe to engage and focus their talent to create a competitive advantage. It provides clients an individualized, evidence-based approach to align culture to the strategy to ensure business results. The company adds value to the whole lifecycle of employee engagement, offering a secure communication channel access accurate data. Its employee engagement solution NEXUS helps in identifying why employees are leaving an organization and what is their main concern, thereby increasing the employee retention rate. The Coffman believes that it is all about reaching out to people and creating an open environment to share viewpoints

  • Web Benefits Design

    Web Benefits Design

    Web Benefits Design is an expert in the domain of employee benefits and offers technology and services for the same. The company has empowered its clients with its customization-led approach in delivering innovative employee engagement solutions. From administering employer-backed benefits to facilitating online enrollments, Web Benefits does it all. The user-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows developed with client-specificity make employee engagement highly effective. Besides, the company helps its clients create a single access point on their website for all the employee reward programs, contributing to ease of access. Web Benefits Design offers integrated assistance to companies in the form of best-fit tools