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Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Companies - 2016

In an era of increased corporate transparency, workforce mobility, and dearth of skilled labor culture, engagement, and retention have emerged as major focus areas for organizations. The best companies are aiming to build and sustain a culture of engagement, led by CEOs who understand that employee engagement is not just a “nice to have” but critical to achieving business results. Employee Engagement is no more an enigmatic topic handled by HR it is a responsibility, which results in high employee retention, lowering their turnover rates and delivering better customer services, earning more profits in long run.

The latest genre of vendors are providing culture assessment tools, employee sentiment management tools, pulse survey tools, and real-time employee monitoring tools to guide leaders and supervisors evaluate the situations within the workplace. These advanced mechanisms ease the task of analyzing employee engagement in the organizations. Another ubiquitous trend is the usage of digital and mobile approach in the businesses. Activating digital platforms like social channels, internal communications, company apps, and chat tools also assist in improving employee engagement at workplace.

To help CIOs find the right solution providers among the exponential number of vendors, HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has reviewed top players from a number of Employee Engagement solution providers. In our selection we looked at the vendors’ capability to fulfill the burning need for cost-effective and realistic Employee Engagement solutions that add value to the HR ecosystem. We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “10 Most Promising Employee Engagement Solution Providers 2016.”

    Top Employee Engagement Solution Companies

  • Bonfyre is a private social communication platform that augments employee engagement around events, project teams, employee groups, and learning programs

  • Provider of cloud-based talent management software solutions that empower organizations to engage their workforces and leverage people performance for greater business results

  • Provider of culture management software that allows companies to collect employee feedback, understand how the company is performing, and implement company culture initiatives

  • Provider of social recognition solutions, redefining how companies motivate and energize their employees

  • Enables real-time and continuous employee feedback that is aligned with the organization’s goals to better engage the company’s workforce and boost productivity

  • Interact is a flexible and scalable intranet solution and is the go-to partner for Human Resource departments looking to make huge reductions in administration, as well as drive employee engagement and retention

  • Delivers a cloud-based Social Recognition Technology and leverages scientific principles and findings to guide desirable change of human behavior and elevate performance

  • Provides effective and dynamic employee communications by combining software and touchscreen capabilities

  • Providing organizations with employee engagement tools which cohesively improves workplace culture to drive productivity and company bottom-line

  • Specializes in online survey software, market research software, offline survey software apps, and online questionnaire software