Workplace Dynamics: How Top Workplaces Drive Employee Engagement

Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Companies -2017

The concept of employee engagement empowers not only the company to grow but supports the overall growth of the employees. Apart from innovation and productivity, employee engagement enables companies to harness the capabilities and full potential of their employees at a greater level. Today, hiring and retaining talented personnel is burdensome for any business. Basically, it demands a thorough perusal of every aspect concerning employees, starting from recruitment to performance monitoring. Upsetting the balance in any one of these areas is likely to boost attrition.

HR personnel are evolving from mere keepers of employee data to strategists for hiring, nurturing, and retaining talent and engaging employees. Primarily, the use of big data analytics, predictive analytics, social media, behavioral economics, and many integrated technologies are driving experts to transform the workplace environment. Often the mega tech trends are also proactively involved in taking employee engagement to greater heights. This has simplified tasks such as matching the available talent against job requirements or even recording employee performance for appraisal. Tools with embedded gamification features are also becoming increasingly prominent.

With the objective to help enterprises to implement employee engagement technology and strategies, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CHROs, and our HR Tech Outlook editorial team has reviewed the outstanding providers of Employee Engagement solutions. In our selection, we looked at the vendors’ capabilities to guide companies adopt the right employee engagement tool and increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and employee retention with an ability to manage the workforce effectively and engage them to build a more robust and vibrant work environment.

We present to you the Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers 2017.