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Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Companies - 2018

Increasing the engagement among employees remains one of the best ways for the success of an organization. Worldwide, only 13 percent of employees consider themselves to be fully engaged, according to leading industry research. These are worrying statistics, lack of employee engagement is not healthy for an organization and it may further lead to the need for ‘employee replacement’ which costs a huge amount. It is therefore important that in today’s business environment, organizations keep a track on the engagement level of its employees.

One of the primary ways to do this is by knowing the employees, understanding them and catering to their need. Connecting with the employees remains of utmost importance amidst the trend of ‘hopping on from one job to other.’ The low rate of employee engagement in organizations has therefore given rise to the need of solution providers that blend science and powerful algorithms to keep a track. For example, SAP implemented MindTickle’s platform to increase engagement of employees. Solution companies globally are investing their time and money to bring in employee engagement solutions to ‘hit the ground running.’ To achieve the desired levels of engagement in an organization, HR professionals must equip and empower business leaders with the right set of tools.

Aligning with the same HR Tech Outlook brings to you “Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers - 2018”. This list gives you some of the most prominent organizations in the industry. The proposed list envisions assisting companies to gain from the services of Employee Engagement Solution Providers who suit their specific requirements and help them enhance their expertise.

    Top Employee Engagement Solution Companies

  • Companies of all sizes use Fond’s powerful platform to enhance employee engagement with recognition and rewards, access to exclusive corporate discounts and engagement measurement and analytics

  • Delivers value to clients by improving the performance of people who affect business success

  • McLean & Company is a research and advisory firm providing practical solutions to human resources challenges

  • A provider of AI-powered agile innovation software that helps organizations thrive by transforming their work culture, providing continuous innovation and creativity across the entire organization

  • Star Culture transforms your managers into leaders

  • Provider of award-winning employee engagement and retention solutions

  • Specializes in helping organizations build and sustain great culture and drive ROI in human resource

  • Web Benefits Design is a national employee benefits technology firm that provides enrollment and engagement solutions that streamline and automate the HR and consumer benefits shopping and administration experience

  • Areitos


    An innovating platform that supports your organization internal communication, professional development and employee diversity efforts

  • Conduent


    Customer interface for large segments of the technology industry and the operational and processing partner of choice